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Banshee Hunt 10 - yf***l

  • Dominiel
  • 2019.10.31 02:31 (UTC+0)
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Banshee is one of the hardest and not so popular hunts in the game because a lot more is required compared to other hunts (e.g. debuff removal, AOE heroes) However the equipment sets she drops is worth it! (Destruction, Counter, LifeSteal, Resist)

There are currently two types of approach in defeating Banshee Queen:-

1. Standard Way

2. Single Target Burst

1. Standard Way

Let's look at the standard way first.

The Banshee Queen has two spells you need to be aware of: 

(Vengeful Spirit) she dishes out an extra AOE attack when there is a poisoned hero. 

(Spirit Shield) On a certain % of HP she will split into four random mini banshees.

I would recommend to have two soul weavers and two AOE DPS heroes.

Soul Weavers


a) Jecht - He is good in Banshee because of his second skill where he can cleanse the poison debuffs from Banshee with a 100% rate. (when mola-ed)

b) Angelica - Her third skill grants Immunity which can prevent your team from poisoned debuffs (Soul-burn gives you four turns of Immunity!!)

c) Destina - Her third spell cleanses and boost the combat readiness of your team. With her exclusive equipment, she can either cleanse debuff with her first skill or lower the CD of your third skill.

d) Angelic Montmorancy - she's one of the best soul weaver right now, she can cleanse and grant immunity.


The Artifact that I believe it’s best to use in Banshee is Wondrous Potion Vial

Because cleansing the debuff is so important, with this artifact you can cleanse debuff basically all the time (if maxed = 100%) Equip both your Soul Weavers with this artifact and your Banshee runs can be safe and secured.

AOE DPS (Heroes that dishes out attacks on multiple targets)


a) Vildred - One of the best PVE cleaver in the game, all his skills attacks multiple targets and if he kills a unit he can deal and additional attack (Dancing Blade) on top of a attack buff. He's useful when Banshee splits into four mini Banshees.

b) Bellona - She's very good in the sense that she has two AOE skills and can act as a defense breaker. Defense breaker is always welcome in any boss hunts!

c) Yuna - She was recently buffed and i believe can be a decent hero to take down Banshee. All her offensive skills are AOE and she can also increase the attack of your team. With the new exclusive equipment she can further speed up your Banshee runs.

d) Clarissa - A good defense breaker and cast a AOE attack when a unit dies from her attacks, very good unit when the Banshee splits.


a) Portrait of Saviors and Exorcist Tonfa -These two Artifacts works the same way, Portrait being the superior version. They provide additional damage when the enemies' HP is > 50%. This can help in bursting the mini Banshees.

b) Day Dream Joker- This is one of the best 3 star Artifact for Bosses.

2. Single Target Burst

To be honest this is harder to achieve because each heroes in the team composition has their specific role and the speed of each heroes need to align with the run. You also need some good equipment to do this. When done properly this will be super fast and super fun!!

Heroes needed: 1 Attack Buffer, 1 AOE DPS, 1 Defense Breaker, 1 High Damage Dealer

Recommended Heroes:

Attack Buffer: - Yuna, Vivian, Diene, General Purrgis

AOE DPS: - Vildred, Charles, Celestial Mercedes

Defense Breaker: Luna, Karin, Leo, Falconer Kluri

High Damage Dealer: Yufine, Baiken Ludwig

How to execute this:

1. Your Attack Buffer (needs to buff for two turns) must go first boosting the attack of all units.

2. Your AOE Cleaver will then clear all the units in Stage 1 in one shot!

3. When you reach the Banshee Queen, your Attack Buffer will move first then your AOE Cleaver will move second. Make sure the HP% of Banshee queen does not drop below 66% (Because you don't want her to split into small banshees)

4. Now your Defense Breaker will land defense break on Banshee Queen

5. Your High Damage Dealer to burst her down.

The debuffs need to land in order to do this, this will fail if one thing mentioned above is out of place. Personally I prefer this way simply because it’s fun and quick.

Good luck hunting!


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