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Banshee Hunt 10 - Ka***i

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The team composition has to have:

A cleanser

A strong AoE attacker

A defense breaker

A frontline healer, an aurius support tank or a strong single hit DPS unit.

Thing(s) to know:

A cleanser is recommended as the boss can dispel all buffs whenever she splits.

It is better to cover more roles with fewer units to maximize speed or efficiency (3 person with fodder, etc)

Recommended Units are as follows:

Angelic Montmorancy (Ice) - she cleanses the team consistently with her skill2. It’s recommended to have high speed to cycle skills with a little bit of hp. Recommended to have HP% necklace, HP%/effect resistance ring and speed boots. It is strongly recommended to have her at least around 100~180% effect resistance (with skill trees, she can obtain an extra 40% resistance). She is best used with these artifacts: Rod of Amaryllis, Magaraha's Tome, Water's Origin or Wondrous Potion Vial.

Vildred (Earth) - he can clear the first wave and the Banshees that will be summoned by the Queen.

Best equipped with ATK% ring and boots and crit.dmg necklace, destruction set along with Dust Devil or R&L for his Artifact.

Charles (Earth) - can act as a buffer and can clear waves with his 3rd skill. Best equipped with an aurius to potentially be an aurius support as well, or elbris ritual sword to maximize damage potential. With the same recommended equips as Vildred.

Vivian (Earth) - another hero that can act as a buffer and cleave waves using her 2nd skill. Best equipped with DPS heavy gear like crit.dmg necklace, ATK% ring and boots, or speed stat boots, with destruction set or attack set as well as Time Matter or Ka'aldra for her artifact.

Yufine (Earth) - a very strong single target dps that can self-buff herself and deal a lot of damage, as well as a handy defense break from her 1st skill. It is strongly recommended to get her the same suggested equipment as Vildred's with Uberius Tooth, El's fist, or Hell Cutter as her artifact.

Challenger Dominiel (Dark) - the unit with the best damage potential with the right setup. Her passive increases her next attack's damage and combat readiness according to how many critical attacks your allies have inflicted. She is recommended to go destruction set with crit.dmg% necklace, and ATK%ring and boots. She deals even more damage with Ka'aldra whenever the enemy is debuffed (best with defense break)

Bellona (Earth) - a very solid unit who can deal a lot of damage and consistently defense break her enemies as she can activate her 3rd skill via her skill's passive ability. She can be built very fast with survivability if used only for defense breaking and can be built as a DPS heavy unit as well. Best equipped with bloodstone or iron fan (for Banshee)

Shadow Rose (Dark) - a unit who can defense break as well as both increase allies' combat readiness and decrease the enemies' combat readiness by 25%. Built with crazy speed and some survivability or effectiveness. Speed set + HP set with speed boots and HP% necklace and ring or speed set + hit set with HP% necklace, effectiveness ring and speed boots.

Assassin Cartuja (Dark) - a defense breaker who has a passive that increases the team's evasion rate, which is handy to evade heavy damage or debuffs if you are lacking with survivability or cleanse. Best built as a heavy DPS unit or a frontline bruiser. Best with sigurd's scythe, el's fist, or hell cutter.

Taranor Guard (Ice) - a 3 star who can be used to decrease an enemy's combat readiness and inflict defense break with his 1st skill. He has a passive can raise the probability of dual attacks by 5~10%. Built with speed and HP/effectiveness (speed boots, HP% necklace and hp%/effectiveness ring) and can also be built with ranon's memorandum, or any other chosen artifact.

Violet (Earth) - a thief that can be built as a bruiser with built in evasion and counter attack mechanics, an attack debuff in his 1st skill, and a self-cleansing ability (2 debuffs) that also heals him by a % of his own hp. Built with lifesteal set and either crit or hp set, and stats varying from hp% and atk% so pretty much go with the best set you can among the two (stats and substats wise). Best built with Violet Talisman (for higher evasion and 30% atk increase) or Moonlight Dream blade (with lower evasion but gives an atk buff [50%] with each counter made)


Diene (Ice) - can cleanse, increase crit resist, buff attack, and give shield to all allies. Her equipment can be speed oriented with a lot of hp (hp% necklace and ring, and speed boots) and her artifact being rod of amaryllis, wondrous potion vial, or magaraha's tome.

Luna (Ice) - single hit dps that is easy to build, and can inflict strong elemental damage (in Banshee's case, Earth damage) using her 3rd skill with a probability to defense break. Her passive gives her an increase in attack and crit whenever she's above 50% hp and more survivability whenever it goes below it. She is built with crit.dmg necklace and atk% ring as well as speed/atk% boots with either rage set, destruction, speed, or attack set, with Uberius Tooth, Sigurd's Scythe, El's Fist and Hell Cutter.

Sea Side Bellona (Ice) - a unit with a passive that shares the damage that she takes (50%) to the one in-front, and makes her counter attack against all units whenever the team is attacked 5 times (an AoE attack with 4 units will be 4 stacks) that can inflict defense break as well as a 1st skill that can inflict target debuff. She is best used with the same recommended equipment as Luna, with Bloodstone, Rosa 

Haragana, or Infinity Basket.

Dizzy (Ice) - one of the 3 Guilty Gear collab units that can inflict a lot of debuffs (speed, atk and hit chance), which greatly reduces your damage received and she can extend debuffs except for the ones that makes the enemy immobilized by 1 turn. She can also inflict stun with her AoE 1st skill. Best geared with speed and hp (hp% necklace&ring with speed boots) and Abyssal Crown, Etica's Scepter, or Necro and Undine.

Baiken (Earth) - a Guilty Gear collab unit that can inflict a lot of bleeds, and activates special passives whenever she crits with specific skills. Best built with crit.dmg necklace, atk% ring and atk%/speed boots with speed set/attack set and crit set. Her best artifacts would be Midnight Bloom, Torn Sleeve or Moonlight Dreamblade/Violet Talisman for survivability. It is recommended to have high crit in-order to activate most of her passives, therefore you can also build 6 crit sets if needed.

Angelica (Ice) - a very tanky healer that heals for a lot and can give your team immunity and shield for 2 turns (4 turns if soulburned). Best built with hp%necklace and ring, with speed boots, speed set + hp set. With the artifacts: Magaraha's Tome, Wondrous Potion Vial, Rod of Amaryllis, or Water's Origin. Although immunity is not that usable as the splitting phase will dispel it anyways.

Tywin (Ice) - a Knight that can AoE defense break + push and buff crit chance of a chosen unit. Can be built speedy with effectiveness or tanky. Hp% necklace, hp%/effectiveness ring, and speed/hp% boots with hp/hit + speed set. Best with Aurius if used on the side, and any other artifacts that you want to use.

Krau (Ice) - a Knight that gives your team defense buff and his 3rd skill will do increased damage based on your lost hp. Best built with hp%/def%everything or speed boots and hp/def set.

Battle Tips:

The first wave will be easy to deal with, if using a very strong AoE attacker

However, the Banshee Queen has a splitting phase whenever she reaches the thresholds of 70% and 40% of her max hp. She is granted 100% combat readiness whenever she reaches a threshold (once per threshold), and will attack all units, inflicting dispels and silence. You will want your cleanser to have 100%~180% effect resistance in order to resist silence and cleanse your team or use a Wondrous Potion Vial instead. When she splits, she also summons Banshees, including a Gloomyrain. If the Gloomyrain is killed, every enemy is granted 100% combat readiness, hence it is recommended to cleave in one go, or kill the Mistychains before killing the Gloomyrain.

Guide maker's section

I pretty much recommend A. Montmorancy as your cleanser since she is very obtainable and has a consistent cleanse. 

As for your cleaver, I recommend going for Charles or Vivian to also cover the buffer section, or at least provide more utility. 

Shadow Rose will be one of the best bets when it comes to defense break since she can also decrease the combat readiness of your enemies and do the opposite to your team, pretty much impacting the fight by a significant amount.

As for your frontline, you can either use your A. Montmorancy if she is strong enough with an Aurius support, or any other strong healers such as Angelica or just use other Knights instead.

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