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Hall of Trials Archdemon Mercedes SS(S) rank Nov 11 [1]

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  • Shimerin[Shimerin]
  • 2019.10.27 22:17 (UTC+0)
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Here's my video on Archdemon Mercedes. I talk about my strategy for beating the fight during the second round. I get a SS rank on the run I recorded for the video, but the last run I did I managed a SSS rank. I'll put a screenshot of that below. Hopefully this helps people out there that are having trouble.


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    작성자 2019.11.12 00:16 (UTC+0)

    For the week of November 11th I used the below team to get SSS wins.

    Lilias on adamant shield, Tenebira on iela violin, ML Rin on dust devil, and Tamarinne on potion vial.

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