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Eyes of the Arky and when will Russian localization be? [3]

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  • 2019.10.26 11:28 (UTC+0)
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Hello, I really like Epic Seven and Arky. And I ask a few questions, the first is what kind of eye color does Arky have? Because in cutscenes and using his skill he has orange eyes and in the menu where I choose the defender he has them purple, as you understand, please answer for sure (for me this is very important).

And the second question is partly important for the Russian community, since I am from Russia, and I have been playing on the European server for several months now, and the English language doesn’t interfere with my understanding of the game, but I would like to see the Russian localization of the test. So I can better understand the game, and the game itself will become more understandable to everyone and I am sure that more people will want to play epic Seven.

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    2019.10.26 14:12 (UTC+0)

    Russian localisation is unprofitable. So, it's unworth to spend time and money for Russian version as most developers saying.

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