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  • Luxeun[luxeun]
  • 2019.10.25 03:54 (UTC+0)
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I thought I somehow get how things work in the game but when I come to forums I realize I still have a long way... so please enlighten me

1) Selective summon

I remember doing it when i first started but now i can’t find it? Is it a one time thing? I hope not bc I just accepted the first roll back then...

2) Farmer heroes

What exactly does this mean and how should I use my farmer heroes?

3) Whom should I wait for drop rate?

Even though I’m not sure if this is a logical way of doing it, I’m saving covenant bookmarks to summon 120 times... For whom should I use them?

Thank you

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    2019.10.25 05:19 (UTC+0)

    BEST3) Saving bookmarks for doing 120 summons is pretty logical and encouraged. You will just be ****** about staying mid-way without bookmarks to summon the hero you want. Nobody can tell you what to summon for, especially because we don't know your current roster of heroes. You have to know that for yourself if you need a tank, a cleaver, a support, a healer, a crowd control unit or a special hero with a special gimmick that would fit your core team better than those in your existing core team already.

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    2019.10.25 05:17 (UTC+0)

    1) Yes, if you don't have that option anymore then it's very likely that you already accepted it. If you think the time spent on your account isn't that really worth, then you can of course start over again.

    2) Farmer heroes means any kind of hero that has a strong and consistent cleaving so you can take as many fodder monsters (Dogs (Phantasma), 2 star monsters or even heroes you want to level up that way to use them) so you can increase their stars and use them to increase stars of those heroes you want to make stronger and use them. An example for farmer hero would be Vildred, ML Vildred, Sez, Bellona, Karin, ML Karin, ML Ken. Vildred for example can target 2 enemies with his s1, deals pretty good damage and scales on speed, so he is probably always the first one attacking and never gets attacked. Once he kills someone with his s1 or s3 (s3 is a strong AoE), he activates his s2 passive which then again deals AoE damage. He quite literally cleaves everything.

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    2019.10.25 05:18 (UTC+0)

    1) Yes, selective summon is one time thing that you get after finishing Chapter 1-10
    you get a free 10x30 roll, but you can only keep one or the roll

    in selective summon you can't get 2 5* hero, so just aim the one that you want

    2) Farmer hero usually a hero that have low cooldown AoE skills

    for example, Normal Vildred, Arbiter Vildred, Bellona, Clarissa, or the new 3* hero Lena

    AoE heroes makes your grind faster

    3) For a new player I suggest to summon in Normal Covenant until you get 4 core heroes that you can bring to clear Abyss or Hunt11
    for easier progress I suggest to rise 3* Hero like 

    Lorina->Commander Lorina, 

    Montmoracy->Angelic Montmoracy, 

    Kluri->Falconer Kluri 

    using speciality change system

    for 5* the one that considered as game changer is



    Tamarinne (not available in selective)

    Krau (not available in selective)

    Bellona (not available in selective)

    maybe some that I forgot

    try aim some from Selective Summon

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    2019.10.25 05:19 (UTC+0)

    3) Saving bookmarks for doing 120 summons is pretty logical and encouraged. You will just be ****** about staying mid-way without bookmarks to summon the hero you want. Nobody can tell you what to summon for, especially because we don't know your current roster of heroes. You have to know that for yourself if you need a tank, a cleaver, a support, a healer, a crowd control unit or a special hero with a special gimmick that would fit your core team better than those in your existing core team already.

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    작성자 2019.10.25 07:11 (UTC+0)

    Oh no...  I don’t think I can start all over again I’ll just accept my fate :( I think it’s a bit too much responsibility to give selective summon at the start of the game... 

    Thank you so much for the answers 

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    2019.10.25 13:52 (UTC+0)

    How far are you in game though?

    If your not long or lucky enough try rerolling for good starter and prior knowledge can speed up your progress, not much of a setback.

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    2019.10.25 20:56 (UTC+0)

    i wrote a long comment but everything was deleted because of a wrong manip.
    To SUM UP:

    THIS IS A GATCHA game. People playing "only" 1 hour a day are considered  "fairly/very casual". You can spend 100 of hours in it.
    So if you "only" played 4-5 hours and got a bad selective summmon (no 5* hero, no decent healer), it might be interesting to reset your account (option accessible in settings)
    However, if you started some time ago and are casual in the usual term, you may have gotten good heroes via the free daily summon.
    In that case, reset is not really usefull.

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    2019.10.25 20:57 (UTC+0)

    (part 2)

    The Selective summon is a one time thing you unlock after 1-10. It includes at most one 5* (hero OR artifact), but can contain none.
    People usually try to get a 5* hero and a good 4* healer (historically angelica or achates)

    Farmer: hero that can solo a stage (quickly if possible) to level up 3 others weak/low level hero.
    Usually has aoe (attack all enemy) as it clears stage faster, and/or a passive to attack more or go faster (ex: a free turn when the hero kills an ennemy)
    Another option is a slower farmer but with more survivability (either tanky or lifesteal = is healed by a % of damage it inflicst on ennemy)

    Most well known farmer -> sez or vildred,
    Other famer option: all rounder ken, ravi as tank dps with lifesteal
    Iseria is good, but she is mainly a support (helps other hero do better)
    => if you still wonder : list here your 5* and 4* heroes *, we may give you some recommendations

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    작성자 2019.10.26 07:58 (UTC+0)

    I started playing in August, I mostly play stories. Even though I login every day I dont play or use my all energy every day. I am at chapter 10-9 and here are my heroes:
    5 stars:
    Specter Tenebria, Ras, Yuna, Aramintha, Tamarinne, Yufine
    4 stars:
    Serila, Mercedes, Crozet, Coli, Surin, Romann, Karin, Lots, Silk, Rose, Furious

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    2019.10.26 12:48 (UTC+0)

    Even though you do not have 'usual farmer", you do have some nice heroes.
    Tama is one of the best (if not the best) pve healer. Yufi is nice dps with a bit of aoe.
    Specter tenebria is a ML 5* with good dps that cannot be targetted first.
    As tank, you can use Ras or crozet (that is also good to start in wyvern11). Potentially Rose with her special equipement (you can get them with weekly challenge. you get coins even if you loose from the start)
    You have a lot of hero with attack buff, but less with def break (only karin, which is also good in wyvern 11)

    I do not think you need to reset. Decent hero and too far in the story for sure.
    NB: Ras is 3* but i assume you mean he is lvl50

    NNB: Ras it not really good, so you replace him depending your team by rose/crozet or another dps xD

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    2019.10.26 12:54 (UTC+0)

    So now you might want to 6* one of you dps (what is quite long i know) and gears him/her.
    Start with what you have. Then some advices:
    Typically you might use the purple boots with speed you get from a story gold chest (Pegasus Boots : check the net) and +15 it if possible (it gives you +35 speed)
    Check the gold chest from laby

    Then if possible use a lifesteal set you get fom from abyss. (around floor 50, not sure if you are there)
    That way, you get a hero that starts first( usually around  140 speed is ok), that can hit "hard" (thanks to the lifesteal accessory +% attack) and that heals when he/she attacks.
    Choose a stage with elemental advantage or neutrality, and that way the hero can "solo it" (tips : do no put her in front place so that she gets less hits) with 3 "fodder" or heroes you want to level

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    2019.10.26 12:55 (UTC+0)

    As first 6* to farm, i would say:

    yufine , or aramintha, or karin perhaps (for future wyvern use)

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    작성자 2019.10.26 14:34 (UTC+0)

    First of all thanks a lot for helping, I really appreciate it!!

    The reason I levelled Ras is, since he’s the MC in main story, I like playing with him I feel like he should fight in stages >.< I get emotionally attached and I hate when games make mc’s weak... I guess I should stop trying to make him more powerful, I gave all the best equipments etc to him...

    I actually have enough phantasmas to make a hero 6 starred, I was just trying to decide. I was thinking to wait for the looping issue on 10-9 to be fixed bc then I’ll be able to use moonlight summon, maybe I’ll get a better choice? But to start farming efficiently I might just level one of your suggestions

    I’ll do the equipment changes as you said while it’s free but I usually equip them according to the cp, is it wrong to do so? for ex, I gave yuna all the lifesteal equipment, now if i change it to s. tenebria for ex, tenebria’s cp drops a lot, like 10k... even so should i do it?

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    2019.10.26 15:35 (UTC+0)

    CP is not always important:
    Some info
    a) Damage stats give way more CP than defensive ones.
    You can see easily healer/buffer/tank with good gear have "low" CP, while they can be vital in pve/pvp
    So you could give an attack % gear to increase the CP of a healer but it would useless, because the healer wont do much damage anyway, and will be squishy or heal less

    b) team synergie/elemental advantage can be more crucial
    For example, people could consistently win stage such as wyvern 10 (the max at the time) with a 'low cp' message at each try.
    Buff and debuff, such as attack breal (70% less defense) and/or attack buff (+50% attack) can really change a situation

    Elemental desadvantage gives a 15% (at least) to miss i think: 

    miss => not crit, no effect applied (def break...), 75% damage
    That is why ML unit (dark/light) that have NO desadvantage are so good (they are weak agains their opposite attacks them, but have no weakness when they attack)

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    2019.10.26 15:40 (UTC+0)

    C) "speedy" healer is important
    Seriously, give you healer a speed set with speed boots if possible

    d) For a starter dps/farmer, you need some speed (140+), then attack % > attack crit > crit damage, and then some hp if possible so that the farmer can take a hit or two

    NB: and if by change, a iseria banner comes agains, try to get her a bit because she is a beast with tama

    NNB: crit damage is nice, but you need decent attack AND high crit rate before it becomes usefull

    Finally a good site for info on Epic 7 ==> 


    Edit: I asked a bit around, and while not the best farmer, in your pool of heroes, yufine does seems the best (do not forget to get her special equipment via the challenge)

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    작성자 2019.10.27 10:52 (UTC+0)

    Okay, as I make the changes you say I can see the difference while playing. I will try to look at stats more, rather than cp. I’m using yufine for farming for now and I already have her special equipment though I should awaken her first to use it. I equipped speed set for both yufine and tamarinne so I have them attack first. Also tnx for the link to it helps a lot especially with artifacts.
    Again thanks a lot, you helped a lot and learning more about the game makes it more fun to play!

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