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Hall of Trials Suggestions [3]

The general consensus around HoT is that it was pretty exciting for the first week, but it grew to become really tedious. To make HoT more interesting, it should have a leaderboard and/or a points ladder for each boss so there is some reputation-type achievement associated with it.

Pretty much every part of the game works towards some sort of reputation achievement, but HoT does not. Take labyrinth for example: there is a first time clear reward, entry reward, and variable drops. Adding a chance to drop mystics or covenants would not break the game. HoT is not really farmable like Hunts, yet has one drop possibility. 

I also feel as if the hero buffs and nerfs make it interesting, but it’s hard for an early-to-mid game player to make a decent team depending on the week. I have over 30 lv60 heroes, and some weeks I would rather skip HoT than re-gear the best heroes for that week

Anyways these are my thoughts, I would love to know what others think! I love E7, and I know the devs do a good job at making changes. HoT has just felt really lackluster so far

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    2019.10.22 21:09 (UTC+0)

    I agree with most of this post. A leader board would be really interesting. The only issue I see is, that even though SG seems to do a pretty good job dealing with hackers they would still show up on that leader board. Plenty other games still do this and its fine because they are dealt with. However, it does bring attention to an issue that maybe they would rather not air in public.

    I agree it is challenging, however the rewards are still fairly decent even if you put in minimal effort. Sure, you get less special equipment over time but you can still easily get the ones you need eventually. You just have to be a little more choosy. I understand this makes it tedious and not fun for some people however. This is a very hard balance to strike and will take them a while to iron out if they can manage it at all. Someone will always be unhappy.

    Its still fairly new content so I assume over time it will get more polished. Suggestions like these are always good. You make some good points.

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    2019.10.23 01:00 (UTC+0)

    Hello, LeTedi! First of all, we're very glad that some of our Heirs are giving us constructive criticisms about the game, since with these critiques, we can mold the game to be better. :) We agree that there are some improvements need to be made in Hall of Trials, and these suggestions are greatly helpful when making changes in the game. We will further consider some of these ideas about Hall of Trials, and we will try our best to make the feature more fun and approachable for our Heirs. 

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    작성자 2019.10.23 13:44 (UTC+0)

    Wow thanks for the replies! It’s really refreshing to see the game officials reading and communicating. Keep up the great work~

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