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Gear rolls need to be fixed [14]

Per hunt its take fking 20 energy. And with slow recharge rate plus high cost refill.

How can it be fine with give so many 'rng' low roll, wrong stat.

Look at sw it has the same rng check but come with way lower cost of energy, and reapp/grind/enchant the minimized rng. 

I starting to think that this game does favors each account differently. I buy pack to refill for farm over 7 hrs daily, use all mats and gold to craft yet end up with nothing decent. I am now at the point questioning why should i play this game if the dev will not let my account have decent gears. 

All they said was "we would like to assure you that the game drop rates have been thoroughly checked" but did they said that every accounts has the same rate of getting and rolling gears? Did they said they every stats in gears has the same possibility to roll into?

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    2019.10.22 11:08 (UTC+0)

    Do you know what a gacha game is?

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    2019.10.22 11:58 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, it's unforgivingly hard to gear up your characters with hunt gear. It's disheartening to pull a great equip on the blacksmith just to see it becoming paperweight because it rolled in the wrong substat when you enhanced it.

    I think I saw in a post from the birthday conference that they're considering implementing an item that removes some of the layers of RNG when crafting them so hopefully we'll see some change to the system in the future.

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    2019.10.22 12:53 (UTC+0)

    The game is aimed at fools an guys with low self esteem,the ones who will defend it at all cost because so call waifus are there thing the game offers nothing good to players all but you can't post about it or ask why you get fools saying it's a gacha game an it's supposed to be this bad gear drops all bad,gear rolls all bad,pvp is run by a certain type of units an no skill is required just get those units which is locked behind money,you will get people telling you the game is fun an you are the issue an your time must not come yet to get the good stuff trust me nothing positive ever comes from pointing out flaws to these sheeps

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    2019.10.22 18:53 (UTC+0)

    The true Gacha on this game is the Gear, units are easy to come by, i am 100% F2P, have plenty of 5 * Base. but is hard to get the gear. too much Range at stake:

    1-RNG for the Item to Drop then

    2-RNG for the Item Rarity then

    3-RNG for the Set to appear then

    4-RNG for the main Stat to appear then

    5-RNG for the Sub-stats to Appear then

    6-RNG for the Base Roll Stat of Sub-stats then

    7-RNG for the Sub-stat to be upgrade when you enhance it then

    8-RNG the amount of Sub-stat roll during enhancement then

    9-RNG when 1 More sub-stat is Needed (green/blue/purple gear) Repeat #5&#6, then go back to #9


    If you notice. Item gacha is HAAAAAAAAAAARDEST than character gacha, just to cross all these RNG is monumental.

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    2019.10.22 19:20 (UTC+0)

    Yeah the gear RNG sucks. They are slowly working on it. in November they are releasing gear transmutation to guarantee % main stats and an item of w/e set you use to transmute. Is it perfect? No. Will people still cry? Yes. At least they are taking steps in the right direction.

    I've heard people talk about SW a lot, but this isn't SW. Did SW have all those QoL things when it launched? At this point its an old game and they don't need gear RNG to artificially extend gameplay time like E7 is doing right now. In time as they come out with more content the gear RNG will be less of an issue when it comes to being a part of the gameplay time equation. We'll probably see system more akin to SW as E7 continues to add other content to grind in this game.

    If them acknowledging it isn't enough or if the changes aren't fast enough then you have your answer on whether you should still be playing this game or not.

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    2019.10.22 23:15 (UTC+0)

    These sheep never cease to amaze me look at this fool name carefire he will go on every post an act like the game is perfect an you shouldn't have a issue,he acts like any complaints made is false an nothey worthy of a point out 

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    2019.10.23 07:43 (UTC+0)

    farm w11 everyday for 2 weeks now, still can't craft crit ring with % attack, i am done

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    2019.10.23 15:20 (UTC+0)

    sooo true. item drop S U C K S!!!  i mean, my best items are those givn by Sg in events or especific chest, and from arena points. every other items drop ***** a lot, always flat stats and if you happen to get a good main stat all the sub stats are irrelevant or flat stats.....

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    2019.10.23 17:23 (UTC+0)

    Kadajh point the real problem.

    RNG is the same for everyone so 50% of the gear you get should be above the average in term of strength making them decent.

    But because of these lvl88 items you get from shop, most of lvl 85 gear you drop from hunt looks crap.

    I sit on champ, managed once to get up to legend VI, but i just need few meta heros full of mollas with mostly lvl 88 gears from shop/raids, hunts gears is just there for increasing your heros pulls for pve/testing, they can't be competitive at all.

    And that is boring.

    Free gears should have stayed lvl 68/71 max like in S1.

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