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Daily reward & Raid drops worst thing happen to F2P player [15]

6 Gold tranmits for 5 Galaxy BM is the worst trade ever. 3 Gold tranmit every two week plus daily pulls, raid drop, event you gonna get 2 or maybe even 3 ML Pulls per month depend on you RNG. This daily rewards change mean the chance to obtain Galaxy BM during a month is reduced and player need to pull more to get Gold tranmit. 4-5 star tickets is good but trade 2 Gold tranmit for "4 star" ticket is mehhhh.
About the raid drops, Im not sure what happen but there is a high chance Dev already nerf drops rate from the Raid and Queen's gift. Back then if lucky you gonna get a ML pulls every two week tks to Galaxy BM drop or gold tranmit from the Queen's gift. But now, Its been two month since the last time i got Galaxy BM from the raid.

Reduce chance to obtain ML pulls from every source mean player need to pulls more. For F2P player that hoard SS for their banner its mean the chance to obtain ML pulls is significant lower if their rng is bad.
Sorry for my bad English. :(

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    2019.10.22 04:43 (UTC+0)


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    2019.10.22 05:40 (UTC+0)

    I got those a lot from raid.... No thanks.

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    2019.10.22 06:13 (UTC+0)

    No, I'm F2P player i don't have many ML Heroes. The thing is this game is actually on of the most F2P players friendly. No paywall and sh*ty microtransaction.

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    2019.10.22 06:30 (UTC+0)

    But you already got 2 ML pulls monthly just from Check-in Reward & Automaton Tower. Not to mention gold transmit from daily pull + banner pull + event + raid. 

    Compared to most gacha games out there, this is already F2P friendly. I don't get why you want more, because more free stuff will actually hurt the publisher since it will impact their $$ revenue. More free stuff less people paying.

    Maybe all of this is caused by your insignificant luck so you feel salty when you can't do any more pull beside getting those 3* Sven or Elson.

    And this is coming from F2P who has been playing gacha games for 6+ years (albeit casual), saving/hoarding is a must skill you need in every gacha games. Do not pull based on your sudden impulse only.

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    2019.10.22 08:41 (UTC+0)

    The previous daily check-in reward gives 6 transmit stones per month which is equivalent to the 5 galaxy bookmarks you get at day 28 so there isn't really a difference. But I do agree the rates for ML heroes horrendous. 

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    2019.10.23 09:31 (UTC+0)

    seriously if you're gonna complain about a game this generous I don't know what game is for you.

    The drops weren't nerfed.

    The daily rewards have improved.

    You get way more ML pulls per month than you stated.

    You get ML units from covenant (daily)

    There is literally no pleasing some people.

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