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[Global]Recruiting for "Daboys"!

  • RANK65
  • Arcamic[Arcamic]
  • 2019.10.21 23:23 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 147

**Guild:** "Daboys"

**Server:** Global

**Members:** 27/29

**Level:** 15


-lvl 63+ and master+ in arena would be great

-Donate gold daily and help out with aid

-Would prefer you join our discord unless you're a solo beast in guild wars, then just keep doing you

-Participate in guild wars

**We can offer 24/7 gold+exp buffs,50 daily stamina and 5x mystic rewards from guild wars!**

**Info:** We're a group of friends that have all moved over to E7 after playing a ton of other gachas(dokkan, optc ect) and created Daboys as a place for all of us.

Some of our players have started to hit champion in arena and we feel like we're finally strong enough to start pushing in guild wars. We would love to have some fresh faces join us! We've collected a ton of e7 resources you may not have and are always here to bounce ideas around if you're unsure about anything.

Send me a PM or jump into discord if you would like to join! =D



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