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Could we please get ML Charles as a young version of himself, being a young boy around Aither's age? I feel like those two would really get along and make a fun company.

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    2019.10.21 18:33 (UTC+0)

    Cool idea but they tend to reuse the asset of the original hero with a slight change and pallet swap. So sadly, not likely to happen

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    2019.10.22 00:39 (UTC+0)

    He should be younger but not that much younger. 

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    2019.10.22 01:59 (UTC+0)

    Just ask for the dev to remove the mustache and he'll be young again lol

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    2019.10.22 05:15 (UTC+0)

    Change hair color and remove mustache is all they really need to do.

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    작성자 2019.10.22 09:33 (UTC+0)

    You actually could use the model too.

    Downscale it, make it look clumsy, change sword to wooden, change ultimate background and sound effects... It isn't necessarily too different from regular Charles.

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