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Guild Recruitment

Ylisse's (global) recruiting!

Currently looking for new members

Guild Name: Ylisse

Guild Level: 19

Guild Members: 29/30

Current rank: 38

Bonus: 5x

Guild Status: Semi-Competitive


Guild Requirements: 

-50k Gold Donations daily (PoC Donations are optional, yet helpful)

-Be active daily. 2 days without prior notice will deem you kicked

-Do your Weekly Missions to the upmost best of your ability.

-Record activity is important, especially during guild wars

(PvP requirements)

-220k + CP required for joining. If you're not in this range, you may have 3 days to reach this CP upon joining.

-330k + CP for GvG required for joining. If you can reach that in a short amount of time (3 days), then we can allow you to join us.

-60+ Rank is required to join. You may have the same span as the CP requirement to reach this rank.

-Challenger + Arena Rank is required for joining. 

-Have diverse units for gw (or be driven to improve)

-Abyss 80+ cleared

-Considering joining, you may DM me, chara, shrub, or iza for more info about the guild. We can't stress enough that activity is a must, especially on Discord and in-game

-Concerning Guild Wars, if you are slotted up for battle, you must be active in Guild Wars. If you can't be, alert me and I'll switch you out for someone else.

-Be active and ready in Guild Wars.

-Have fun and enjoy your stay ~

If you want to meet us, just message me on discord and come check out our server ^^ TheOnlyThrasher#2968

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