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Ideas on how to buff Rin Gamod [8]

Since Rin is getting buffed it is important to note a hero like her can change the water meta we have running amuck now and high-tier arena threats. Changes I suggest are meant for pvp & pve and should be taken as such keep this in mind.

Ring throw S1: Throws a ring at the enemy, damage increase per buff with a 75% to dispel one buff if the target does not have a buff. Caster is granted increase speed for 2 turns damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max health

Recommendation: Increase in damage by 25% and increase to the multiplier would be beneficial in her short coming of her damage.

Dazzling Dance S2: Dazzles the enemy with a dance, damage increases per buff and decrease defense for 2 turns if a critical hit lands decrease target's attack for 2 turn, and a 50% chance to use ring throw Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max health

Recommendation: Skill damage increase by 20% and the multiplier by a decent margin will firmly make this skill must use in most cases.

Showtime S3: Heals all allies with an elegant dance, dispels 2 debuffs while casting two random buffs for 3 turns while this skill is on cooldown. If an ally critical hits the enemy increase caster's combat readiness by 20% and heals. The ally by 20% and if their health is 50% or below grants defense or evasion buff for 2 turns,amount recover and barrier strength is proportional to the caster's max health. SoulBurn Effect: consume 10 souls Extends buff duration by 1 turn of the caster and ally with the highest attack.

Recommendation: With the skill changes it only needs a slight increase of health recovered 15% or 20% will do fine.

Hey Guys, if you got threw all reading thanks let me know if what you think about this can she change the pesky water meta? Is she now a viable counter to units like dizzy and with these changes would Rin have a place on your team.

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    2019.10.14 00:10 (UTC+0)

    She's a soul weaver not a dps and part of the issue she has that makes her kind of bad is that her s3 relies extremely on rng. Not to mention that it's her only supportive ability. ML Rin, who's a thief, does better job at supporting than she does.

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    2019.10.14 02:54 (UTC+0)

    with defbreak and att down debuff on 1 skill, S2 would be 4 turns CD which *****

    my suggestion: 

    s1 100% dispel 1 buff, Ras con do it too although he is nat3

    s2 75% active s1

    s3 what makes her really fun is her S3 is completely RNG so sometimes you feel like you hit the jackbot but sometimes it sucks, maybe change how it works a little bit

    + dispell 2 debuffs before heal allies and grant 3 RNG buffs
    + RNG buff is not identical the given buff, for ex: if the target already has barrier, it will not roll barrier buff

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    2019.10.14 10:05 (UTC+0)

    How about her s1 has 15% chance to extend all party member buff for 1 turn when attacking, s2 add decreased CR by 20%. S3. Remove/change soulburn effect into extra turn (20soul).

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    2019.10.14 10:53 (UTC+0)

    Her main role is tank/heal not dps.  She look broken to me with your buff.

    S1 - Buff spd for 2 turn with normal atk!!!  If you really want to buff her this way I think 1 turn should be enough.  

          I use counter in so she will always has spd buff.

    S2 - def + atk debuff in one skill!? but I have to add her cri chance!?

    S3 - get attacked and get CR+20% and heal!!! Broken than ML Armin before nerf.  Only add clean 1-2 debuff and don't buff same buff that already had are enough.

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    작성자 2019.10.15 19:39 (UTC+0)

    Zienn hey! sorry for the late reply, Rin is a hybrid between a soulweaver and attack type unit given she has 2 attack skill and 1 support  instead of 1attack and 2 support skills. Similar to Blaze.Dingo and somewhat DJ.Basar interesting enough because of their decent base max attack and their 1.2 damage multipliers they both can be used. As a cleaver for team comps, Rin was to slow to get around using her support/heals this is exactly why I give her the speed increase for 2 turns keep in mind. You can proc ring throw with her S2 as long as target has no buff you get speed increase, and while S3 is on cooldown if an ally critical hits the enemy 20% cr boost for her making her turn cycles alot better I think this would solve her issues. 

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    작성자 2019.10.15 20:25 (UTC+0)

    MenZKung hey! sorry for the late reply, while Rin can be used as a tank she's squishy other units are much more suited towards the role given that she base max hp is lower then 5k Knights are more ideal choices when it comes to tanking more hp and defense you. Rin is a hybrid healer/attacker that suffered alot because low base atk niche speed and how S3 hp scaling works sure you give everyone buffs but. Her healing is little most dps units input far more damage then she can can control which is why you don't she her used in pvp or gvg, sorry about S2 I meant to say decrease defense for 2 turn, if the casters lands a critical hit decrease targets attack for 2 turns will fix description. S3 your ally has to land a critical hit to give rin cr boost and heals the ally that made the critical hit by 20% units with heal block can cancel this out, speed boost and cr increase is to help hey cycle her turns more for the s3.

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    2019.10.16 13:41 (UTC+0)

    @Lancery1  Rin not tanky enough?  Yes, if you compare her stats with knight/warrior but no if you compare her with other soul weavers.  He stats are similar to Achates.  Many ppl use Achetes as heal/tank and why you can't build Rin as tank right?  I encounter her with good spd and 18k hp before.  I using her as a tank in hunt with counter set but yes, she is hardly use in pvp and gvg.  

    But you have to notice one thing, no heroes in this game can replace Rin.  No heroes in this game can AOE heal, buffs and def break in this game.  She is enough for good support, not dps.  And as I said, her S3 only add clean 2 debuff is op enough (heal, buffs, clean). With clean debuffs, you don't need to go first but wait for clean and counter.  If she has that heal+CR push, she must not has clean debuff.  So choose one.

    You need to "balance" and make her good not make her "broken".  Every heroes need to have pro and con, not only good side.  

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    작성자 2019.10.17 07:53 (UTC+0)

    MenZKung Rin is the least viable out of all healers she doesn't have 2 healing skills only one which scales off targets hp which isn't much even if their a tanky unit Knights and warriors are just more viable in pve or pvp content hunt & arena. Statistics shows this Achates also have 3 turn cooldowns and 10 soul consume increase healing cleans all debuffs s3 and s2 invincibility decrease target skill cooldown, and decent healing something you forgot. To mention which is why I added decrease attack for 2 turn survivability for her and the team remember people also have potion vial, crimson seed in arena the increase speed, cr boosting giving her better turn cycles.CR increase and healing effect only happens when ally crits healblock, evasion, decrease hitchance, and other debuffs can all effect rin. Team comp which means you can counter her "balanced" out idea if this current meta also dizzy exist!...soo yea no sure how 2 debuff cleans is op lol ok sure.

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