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NeeD Advice On Team COMP FOR Hell RAID [3]

So i already can clear tower too 100 (seams there were nerf on difficulty)

in abyss not so well just 62 floor as my main comp got too many debuffers.

i cleared normal raid with (S.Bellona,Karin,Commander Lorina,Angelica) I want too slowly move on with hell raid for best equip but can't clear right now any boss out there.(doing auto w11 for gear right now)

got mats for 2 additional 6 star too make so curios who should i invest into,too bad ress are limited and can't try different units and equipment randomly and takes too long too gather agen. >_< can't try them all and choose later on.

(i am thinking atm more invest into deff brake as my karin dosn't often brake and low hp so dies fast altough deal  alot dmg, F.kluri or Church of ilryos Axe are my main candidates)

More candidates are.



Church of ilryos Axe




Celestial mercedes



watcher schuri


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    2019.10.13 11:31 (UTC+0)

    raise angelic montmorency,
    a.montmo-angelica-SSB/lorina-karin can clear for sure (if you dont mind spending 2 hell tickets a week, 1 for each boss)

    for hell raid, you need a cleanser (a.montmo)

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    2019.10.13 13:12 (UTC+0)

    Raise A.Momo she really helped and enabled me to do hell raid. As for your line up, do

    / A.Momo or Tamarine / - I heavily suggest A.Momo because she is a cleansing machine and it is really important on hell raid and she's not that hard to get, you prolly have her collecting dust in your inventory.
    / SSBellona / - AoE damage, DPS
    / a Tank with Aurius / - Krau for damage mitagation and defense buff or F.Kluri for def break and dispel
    / wildcard / - I suggest an Atk buffer or Def breaker as dragging fights on hell raid is not good because bosses will scale as the fight goes on.

    When I started running Hell Raid my first lineup was A. Momo, Tywin, C. Lorina, Dienne. My fights would take 10~15mins but it was a stable team.

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    작성자 2019.10.14 07:37 (UTC+0)

    thank you very much with the tip. never expected that all i lack in hell raid were just A.momo.

    succeded in clearing my first hell boss ^_^ runs became allot easier .

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