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I just beat level 89 abyss then the game crashed [7]

Dear Smilegate,

   I just beat level 89 abyss then the game crashed. I just landed the final hit, in the middle of Rin's death animation. The screen froze then the game crashed. My username is Dareos/Global and I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Could someone look into this for me. Thank you.

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    2019.10.11 23:53 (UTC+0)

    I asked this before as well, unfortunately I never got a good answer for it, but the only solution I personally had was running the game on high quality mode.  

    First time I ever got a crash was on the ML Ken/Mushroom stage and was told to not use the characters I had ... since they had "dots" ...... but again try on high quality mode if not, the only other way I cleared it before was on my computer. 

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    작성자 2019.10.11 23:58 (UTC+0)

    I ran the game on high and it worked thank you for the help Dareokz.

    To Smilegate could you still look into the problem to help other players thanks.

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    2019.10.12 02:08 (UTC+0)

    It's not like they were not aware of this problem because before you thousands of people had encountered the problem but It's not their fault, it's your phone problem not the game itself, your phone cannot sustain the animation of DOT explosion so it just crashed. I did encountered this problem when I beat floor 90 but then I changed my team and I just cleared it without DOT, things went fine.

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    2019.10.12 03:29 (UTC+0)

    Flynnize what you need to understand ..... some players don't have units that can't clear it otherwise ...... maybe their best units have dots and they just don't have a more optimal unit to run it at the time.  If it has been mentioned multiple times after the game has beeen out for as long as it has ... maybe it should have been taken care of? And no it's not the phone issue, the issue is that I ran it on low quality mode.  The reason being for me running it on low quality on my phone is because it soaks up the battery.  Please consider such things before responding.  This is no flame to Smilegate, just a means of helping someone else when we got no answer to actually fix the issue. 

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    2019.10.12 05:58 (UTC+0)

    Same as my problem, 2 run straightaway is gone for nothing,

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    2019.10.12 09:02 (UTC+0)


    Do you think I have and I just change team at that time? It took me 8 months... I don't really give a damn about clearing abyss tbh. The faster you clear the faster resource wasted. So I just wait until I can.
    Edit: I use low quality mode to clear abyss from 1 to 89, nothing happened until 90.

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    2019.10.12 14:32 (UTC+0)

    Flyn ... what I want you to understand is that .... this has nothing to do with "how fast someone clears abyss" or "how long it took for someone to do it" it's to solve the issue of why someone isn't able to do it because of crashes. Outside of my Iphone, I have an Ipad that's $500 and guess what .. it couldn't clear it on low quality, but could on high quality ... 

    I quite literally sent a report message to Smilegate and the only thing they told me is maybe I shouldn't use dots.  I discovered personally how to make it so I could actually clear it .. 

    Now one more time dude, this is just to help someone who had an issue that I personally didn't get a proper answer from smilegate other than "don't use the unit that does this." 

    Okay? Okay. 

    Edit: The team I used to clear the floor I crashed on had dots btw (ya know when they said don't use dots :)

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