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Guild Recruitment

2ch [GLOBAL] is recruiting

Guild name: 2ch

Server: Global

Lvl: 16

Rank: Honorable Wildcard (4x reward), our rank fluctuate between 3x - 5x reward depending on matchup, but we hover in the Honorable Wildcard Rank most of the time.

Casual Crew who wants to be more active during guild wars. We’re slowly removing our inactive members and would like to recruit like-minded people who are willing to fight together during guild wars.

Our core active members are setting up discord chat for easier communications with the newer members. It's only a few people in the chat now but we're hoping the new recruits to join to liven up the chats.

Currently we are only fielding 20 players during guild wars, we try not to give enemy free points by fielding non active members. We are hoping to progress slowly but surely until we are able to field 28 active members for GW.

-  Level 65 and at least Master Rank in Arena

-  Participation in Guild War is a MUST (use all 3 tokens), no mandatory win requirement, just do our best,

-  Join our discord chat (for easier communication during guild wars)

-  Active players and willing to improve together

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