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Lorina [4]

She’s pretty good right now but I think she could use some sort of buff.  For how long it takes to finish her SC it could be better.  Maybe a built in offense buff on her S2 similar to alexa basket but built in, so on top of her attack boost it can be anywhere from 25-75 (just for reference) percent chance to proc a random buff at the start of her turn. So an example would be crit chance, crit dmg, rage, attack, greater attack and so on. Similar to rin buff skill but just offensive buffs and last for 1 turn. 

 She wouldn’t be too strong and her role as a raw damager is still intact.  She’s still going to be niche since outside of dmg and slight cr decreases she provides nothing else  for the rest of the team composition.  PvP wise she would be the same as her PvE role. Might increase her uses as a single target nuker but others can do it too, some even better. Cidd, A. Coli, Cermia, etc.  Again just my thoughts, don’t think too hard on it.

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    2019.10.11 13:30 (UTC+0)

    Lorina is fine but her SC is a bit disappinting as most numbers are pretty low.
    2% more attack, 2% more dmg on s1 and 2% cdmg hardly affect her overall dmg and I think they should be increased to 5%.

    But arguably the worst of all is her 1% more defense per s2 stack which gives 5% in total. This is just terrible. And hardly does anything since her defense is low anyway the bonus is small. I think it should be either increased to 4% or 2% with 1% life steal(10% defense and 5% life steal 5 stacks).

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    2019.10.11 23:31 (UTC+0)

    Well, i mostly took the CR bonus/speed thing.

    The +1% crit dmg did not impact so much for sure

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    2019.10.14 03:22 (UTC+0)

    her dmg is enough to kill squishy target or Tank/Healer tank with def break because she has no element advantage/disadvantage

    her problem: glass canon so any speedy thief would take her out first before she can even land a hit

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    2019.10.15 08:36 (UTC+0)

    Whenever people suggest changes to units it should be manditory they post their builds. It feels like a lot of these buff suggestions stem from a place of people not utilizing units to their full potential. Not saying this post is one of those but more often than not that seems to be the case.

    Have yet to see a high level player / reputable streamer mention that she needs improvement. Some of them have even been able to get her damage output comparable or better than their Luna after they were able to +15 her with the recent mola/stigma changes. 

    You could argue that all the 3*'s were buffed with that change since they are no longer have to compete with 4*'s and 5*'s for mola investment.

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