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[Global] Everyday is recruiting!~ [1]

Guild Name: Everyday

Region/Server: Global

Level: 16

We are doing some restructuring so that we can rank higher in guild wars and prepare for future Guild content. Looking for more members to replace some inactives or individuals that aren't progressing at all. People who aren't contributing to the guild will be removed as we get more members.

-Rank 60+ (Rank requirement will increase over time, we expect members to grow.)
-Donate what you can
-Request what you need to progress; if you don't need anything, runes or hunt mats are ideal.
-Attack in Guild Wars win or attempt to draw, it's okay to lose but we want all our guild members assigned to war to attempt as this increases your rewards and has no downside

-24/7 EXP/Gold Buffs (Some downtime due to scheduling.)
- x3 guild rewards, will be x4 with one more guild war win. We used to be x5 but have dropped a bit from inactives.
-We're looking to become more and more competitive as the weeks go by!
-We have a discord for all guild members to join! Come join our fun community~

Recruitment is open. If you meet the rank requirement feel free to search the guild and join!

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    2019.10.10 17:06 (UTC+0)


    I would be interested to join even when I don't meet the requirement (Current rank 58), still working on my wyvern team, starting to go to raid (normal mode), I have only 3 6 star as of now:

     - Yufine (Full mola)

     - Furious (+7)

     - Karin (Full mola)

    I got also good 5 star which I'm working on: Spec Tenebria, Lilias, Aramintha, CDom, Haste, Angelica, GPurrgis and ACartuja. My highest CP team is 200k (4 man). I always do my Dailies, always participate in GW, and my arena rank is Silver V.

    Let me know :D

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