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Some Buff Suggestions for the upcoming 31/10 balance patch [7]

  • Elson: Pre-nerf he had high uptime on both DEF and ATK buffs (3 turns CD, 2 turns duration, up to 3 turns if SB) and that was pretty much all he did, a straightforward buffbot. His S2 healing is quite meh and the dmg part is actually detrimental, given it might accidentally trigger counters/passives etc all the while doing no dmg. After the nerf, he became downright useless even as a buffbot.
    • My hopes for his upcoming buffs and future Specialty Changes:
      • He needs that S3 CD reduced asap. I'd make it trigger Greater ATK buff instead for the highest ATK unit in the team via his SC skill tree as well.
      • But more than that, he needs his S2 to actually be useful: adding a DEF scaling and 1 debuff removal to it would be welcome for instance.
      • His S1 could use a DEF scaling as well.
      • I'd advocate for better cycling too, but since his S2 does dmg (mahagara's out), I guess he could instead have his CR pushed whenever a teammate gets buffed instead (can trigger only once per turn) via his SC skill tree.
      • SPD, DEF via skill tree as well plz.

  • Champion Zerato: this bad boy's kit is a mess. Debuff conditional counter-transfer kit, but with immunity to stun and sleep while being vulnerable to blind debuff and having **** poor defensive stats (overall dmg mitigation really). His S3 debuffs are fine, but it's hard to be used on a character you'd usually build on the slower and bulkier side.
    • My hopes for upcoming buffs:
      • His passive needs some loving. First of all, he needs to be hurt for less: -10-15% dmg received when debuffed would be awesome.
      • Also, Instead of making him immune to stun and sleep, I'd make those debuffs have no effect on him even hough they can still be inflicted. That way, he'd be debuffed more often, allowing his counters+transfers to proc, while keeping his "debuff immunity" to synergize better with his kit by allowing him to transfer hard CC as well.
      • Imo, his S1 should also have a self CR push everytime he manages to transfer a debuff, so he has better cycling and access to S3 even when built slow and tanky.

  • Assassin Cidd: I never understood what role he's meant to play. That poison on S1 makes zero sense, the S2 CR push + ATK buff, while nice doesn't really compliment his first-speed S3 burst playstyle and overall frailty. His s3 has that double scaling which is heck interesting, but the debuffs make little sense when it's used as a first turn one hit skill. Besides husband material, he's inferior to Ass.Coli in every sense of the word.
    • My hopes for upcoming buffs:
      • That Passive. Please let's rework that. First, I'd keep the self 15-25% CR push and 1 turn ATK buff whenever someone dies. But also give him a 1 turn evasion buff which has a 25-35% chance to trigger whenever an ally is about to be hit (triggers before hit), that way he'd be less frail and respond better to AoE dmg.
      • Scrap the poison from S1 and make it reduce target's CR instead, so he can make better use of his high SPD to control the CR bar.
      • For his S3, I'd keep the effects as they are in case he fails to kill his target, but make it force his passive activation with twice the strength in case he actually manages a kill: 2 turns evasion buff, 2 turns atk buff, 30-50% self CR push).

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    2019.10.09 21:15 (UTC+0)

    Stupid suggestion. ONLY NERFS PLS! FKN idiot.

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    작성자 2019.10.09 22:41 (UTC+0)


    Good to see you enjoy a healthy discussion, keep your fruitful arguments and ideas coming please lol

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    2019.10.10 00:14 (UTC+0)

    Hi, Chalps05! We always welcome our users giving us constructive feedbacks and opinion about the game. We will take your suggestion into consideration, and we'll do our best to improve the game further so that our Heirs would be satisfied. Thank you for your suggestion! :) 

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    2019.10.10 00:31 (UTC+0)

    How about doubling the energy max limit then so we could enjoy playing longer cause energy cost are very high on event story

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    2019.10.10 21:52 (UTC+0)

    Yeah give Elson greater attack buff and punch M Hazel at the same time making her even more obsolete.

    On serious note, All Elson really needs is just both of his cds reduced- s3 to 3 an s2 to 3 plus some additional effect on s2 or increased heal because this ability has always been pretty weak.

    Champion Zerato's suggestion isactually interesting and I like it. But there's nota single unit or monster in the game with the mechanic of being inflicted with a debuff but not affected by its effect. I think it contradicts itself and could make him overpowered. Don't forget he doesn't have his ee right now which will further add to his overall power. But aside from it's pretty good. Especially s1 since it always seemed lacking to me and transfer can be resisted.

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    작성자 2019.10.10 23:22 (UTC+0)



    Elson is from the Order of the Sword (same as Charles, Cermia, Bask and Alexa) and not from the Holy Order of Blue Cross (Angelica, Clarissa, Mont, Lots, Achates), that's why I suggested the DEF scalings to go with his S1 and S2 so he'd fill in as a buffer bruiser of sorts, with some side healing/cleansing potential. Something like a paladyn in typical MMOs I suppose.

    Regarding C.Zerato, I can't see the debuff conditional counter+transfer working in a satisfactory way unless he can actually be debuffed but still get to act. If There's no way to implement it as "being inflicted with a debuff but not affected by its effect", it's gonna be quite hard to make him relevant imo.

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    2019.10.11 10:31 (UTC+0)

    @Chalps05 That's a poor reasoning to give him defense scaling. The only ones who have it are knights- Crozet, F Kluri, Armin etc. ;

    He'd never deal dmg anyway. 

    The fact that he'd be unable to be stunned/put to sleep but still transfer these would be overkill. And as I've already said, t makes no sense. If there's a debuff icon above character's head that means the debuff landed and the character is under it's influence. There's no need to bend the game's mechanic to make him better.

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