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2ch (GLOBAL) is recruiting

Guild name: 2ch

Server: Global

Lvl: 16

Casual Crew who wants to be more active during guild wars. We’re slowly removing our inactive members and would like to recruit like-minded people who are willing to fight together during guild wars.

Our core active members are setting up discord chat for easier communications with the newer members.

Rank: Honorable Wildcard (4x reward), our rank fluctuate between 3x - 5x reward depending on matchup, but we hover in the Honorable Wildcard Rank most of the time.

-  Level 65 and at least Master Rank in Arena

-  Participation in Guild War is a MUST (use all 3 tokens), no mandatory win requirement, just do our best,

-  Join our discord chat (for easier communication during guild wars)

-  Active players and willing to improve together :smile:

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