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[Global] ClosetWeeb Lvl 12 Casual LF active members [1]

  • RANK63
  • Parowo[Parowo]
  • 2019.10.09 06:54 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 82

Hello, we are ClosetWeeb! We are a casual guild that is trying to increase our playerbase with friendly and dedicated players. Our goal is to have a community of players that are active and can help each other out to become better at the game. If you would like to join, look at the requirements below and apply to our guild in the Global server.

We also have a discord that you can find in our guild notice once you join the guild. You can reach us in guild chat after you are accepted.


1. Level 40+

2. Discord is a preferred

3. Respectful and Non-toxic

4. Must contribute to the guild (donate to guild, aid if possible)

5. Cannot be inactive for more than a week unless notified

6. We communicate in English

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    2019.10.11 02:29 (UTC+0)

    Mind if u invite me? Can't apply for now since I'm on my 24 hour waiting time for leaving my past inactive guild. 

    my ign ingame is: plumptomato

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