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Unable to purchase packs error [4]

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  • 2019.10.07 00:57 (UTC+0)
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I’ve been trying to figure out why the game can not process my purchase, but nothing I tried worked. I noticed a lot of other people are having similar problems on ios, so I know it isn’t a “me problem.” One common trend I see is that people who use redeemable Apple cards get the same error (although I am not sure if this is the cause). Please try to fix the problem in the next patch. Thank you.

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    2019.10.07 02:10 (UTC+0)

    Have you contacted the Apple store? I'm sure SG would love to take your money, but this problem has persisted for a while now so I'm starting to think it might be an Apple issue moreso than an SG issue.

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    2019.10.07 04:24 (UTC+0)

    Yeah i’m 100% sure it’s e7 issue because i can purchase in other apps and its been a month for me now

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    2019.10.07 19:08 (UTC+0)

    Same here. My other games, Azure lane/King’s Raid/Valkyrie Connect/Fate GO, I can make purchases no prob, but E7 just decided “Sorry buddy, you’re F2P now”. And I tried contacting apple support, to no effect. Hope they fix it soon, I got money burning a hole in my pocket lol.

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    2020.01.03 18:38 (UTC+0)

    I ‘m in the same case, I’m trying to buy the rank up pack but I can’t, so I send a ticket to Apple, and I hope they will be helpful

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