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Guild Recruitment

DarkRose is Recruiting (Global)

~ About Us ~

➣ Semi Casual Guild level 20
➣ x5  guild war rewards
➣Commited Crew who enjoys the game, 200 IQ theorycraft, active small discord community
➣EU heavy, but buffs are up 24/7

~ Requirements ~

➢Rank 60+
➢Be active
➢Willingness to improve and progress
➢Daily Donation/Aid
➢Join our Discord server and be active
➢Participate and willing to do well in guild wars!
➣GvG team around 250k+ CP
➣Arena Rank Atleast Challenger 5

PS: Cause of Some issues we Are currently filling up free Spots just for getting our aids. So dont wonder if you see some lower Rank hanging out here ;)

If this is where you want to be? Pm me or  join discord.gg/CAkzS8d 

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