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Most used heroes in Global: Top 100 arena [12]

Since there are some asinine people who claimed that ML Ravi was OH so powerful and super strong, I decided I wanted to check just who it is the top 100 ranked people in global use. Two days ago I took some screenshots of the whole list, which you can find HERE. 

Note: The graph bar is from today, so the diversity of the defense teams have changed +/- a few of the numbers. But because this list is just meant to show the most prevalent heroes people constantly use in their teams, it should be okay if the numbers aren't 100% exact, as it's only meant to give you an idea. I used a free graphic bar maker so it had a limit on how many rows I could make. But the ones not on the list were used once or twice, so they are the most likely ones to be replaced anyway

So please tell me again about how ML Ravi is super strong and doesn't need a buff.

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    2019.10.06 20:09 (UTC+0)

    I appreciate the information you provided, but not the pretense under which you provided it.

    Are you trying to suggest that every single Hero missing from this list is in need of a buff? Because otherwise, the point you're trying to make doesn't match the graph at all.

    Also, poor public opinion deters people from wanting to try units. Nothing changed about Dark Corvus - people just realized he's good. For as long as it's popular that "A. Ravi is bad", even her owners won't give her a chance half of the time.

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    2019.10.06 20:12 (UTC+0)

    You do realize that some units are much better at offense than defense right?
    It's like if you take that graph as any actual ranking of units, that'd basically mean a unit like ML Corv, who didn't even make it to the list, is literally garbage since nobody uses him on defense.
    Also, nobody has said she's "super strong and doesn't need a buff." The thing about her is that she's pretty balanced/toned down compared to most ML's.

    All these numbers show is what's good on def, aka what units are more meta for def, rather than saying much else.

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    2019.10.06 20:49 (UTC+0)

    Top 100 actually cycles really often so you would need to check anything above 5k elo in all servers to have a good statistic.

    You are just blind to plenty of facts you would know if you were a better player.

    1.- ML Ravi is a offensive unit. While she is good on defense, the IA won't choose the targets she needs to kill properly, making his S3 much worse. IA can't even soul burn S1 wich deals a ridiculous amount of damage. She is on the same level as Charles or Ken wich are excellent defensive units.

    2.- SS Bellona is on every team and unheal counters ML Ravi hard no matter how much resistance you give her since Bellona S3 can be soul burned.

    3.- There are more areas in the game were ML Ravi shines. She is a beast in Guild Wars and would get out of control fast if you buff her carelessly. She is really good in many PVE scenarios were she heals much more than the damage she gets dealt.

    4.- The best CE's out there for ML Ravi shine on attack, not on defense. 

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    2019.10.06 21:04 (UTC+0)
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    2019.10.06 21:13 (UTC+0)

    I threw my entire MS refund into trying to get ML Ravi because she can't be strong if used her intended way. Even though i didn't get her i still see the strength in her kit. Her multipliers are solid and the A.Ravi's i've faced have given me troubles when build properly. 

    A.Ravi is a Tank/Bruiser and need to be build as such. But if you are the kind of person who complains about not being able to stick a square peg in a round hole that's a problem on your end not SG/SC's. 

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    2019.10.06 21:44 (UTC+0)

    Using S1 soulburned with def break but would have been better if she had elemental advantage: Edit: Oh wait, she did have elem advantage vs F. Cecilia using S3


    Not a stellar damage of S3 but she hits Corvus who probably has decent def:


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    2019.10.06 21:53 (UTC+0)

    Ml Ravi is super strong and doesn't need a buff. Ha, told ya

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    2019.10.06 22:32 (UTC+0)

    Well, maybe he just want another ML Vildred ver.2

    Btw, with this list we can agree that Tama+Iseria is not OP (they are not even used at all) since some people want them to be nerf 🤣

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    2019.10.06 22:36 (UTC+0)

    I don't even need to discuss any of the finer points because we have some competent people posting today that did a good job of debunking you.

    You made a mistake making this about only one hero that you think deserves a buff. You should have taken this information and formatted your post around the lack of diversity of DEFENSE. Most people still won't care about it, but at least then you would have some ground to stand on.

    However you made your foundation out of sand when you tried making this about ML Ravi and trying to make a correlation between defense usage at high ranks with a unit being strong or not.

    People always love analysis, but not when you blatantly try to use it out of context to prove a point you are trying to make. Better luck next time my dude!

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    2019.10.06 23:24 (UTC+0)

    What this chart actually illustrates is that arena is completely broken and variety cannot be introduced without fixing its fundamental flaw: namely, the fact that damage (and arguably healing) is(/are) too damn high across the board. 

    The only chance defense teams have to realistically win is either through obfuscation (i.e. using an unusual build or unusual combination of units) to force player errors or just by going first and deleting the other team before it can move (i.e. the fast Basar strategy). Offense teams have too many advantages otherwise and will literally win 100% of the time given the chance to go first due to how powerful overall damage output is. 

    There is literally nothing in the game that can survive Basar + defense break + cleave. Literally nothing. The fact that the top defense comp characters are either counter units or revive units says a whole hell of a lot about the current state of arena. 

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