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[GM Note] 10/31 (Thu) Hero Balance Adjustment Preview – Part 1 [381]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.10.17 02:02 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 116908

Hello Heirs, 

This is Epic Seven. 

Today, we would like to inform you about future Hero balance changes which are scheduled for October 31st. This developer’s note will give details of heroes who will be nerfed and also a list of heroes who will be buffed. We will give you further details about Heroes who will be buffed via a separate notice. 

1.  Hero Balance Adjustments 

The purpose of this Hero Balance Adjustment that is scheduled for October 31st, is to create a more pleasant game environment for our Heirs. We have confirmed that there are certain Heroes who greatly delay the progress of PVP matches. We believe that this a great disparity from what Epic Seven is all about, from the fierce battle in each turn that we had envisioned for our players. Therefore, we would like to correct this disparity through hero balance adjustments. 

Please see below for more information regarding the hero balance adjustments. 


Shield Slam (Before)

Shield Slam (After)

Shoves the enemy with a shield, with a 75% chance to transfer one debuff from the caster to the enemy. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defense.

[Acquire 10 Fighting Spirit]

Shoves the enemy with a shield, with a 75% chance to transfer one debuff from the caster to the enemy. When the caster is enraged, damage dealt increases and the target is stunned for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defense.

[Acquire 10 Fighting Spirit]

Macerate (Before)

Macerate (After)

Attacks all enemies with an iron mace, decreasing Combat Readiness by 30%. When the enemy's Combat Readiness is 0, stuns for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defense.

[Acquire 10 Fighting Spirit]

Attacks all enemies with an iron mace, decreasing Combat Readiness by 30%. When the enemy's Combat Readiness is 0, stuns for 1 turn. When the caster is enraged, Combat Readiness reduction is doubled. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defense.

[Acquire 30 Fighting Spirit]

Fury's Advent (Before)

Fury's Advent (After)

Strengthens the caster with Fighting Spirit for 3 turns, recovering Health, and increasing Defense for 3 turns. Grants an extra turn.

Shield Slam: Increases Damage dealt, stunning for 1 turn.

Macerate: Decreases the enemy's Combat Readiness twice.

Acquires 10 Fighting Spirit when attacking or attacked.

[Consumes 50 Fighting Spirit]

Strengthens the caster with Fighting Spirit, making the caster enraged for 3 turns, before recovering Health and granting an extra turn. Begins the first battle with 50 Fighting Spirit. Acquires 10 Fighting Spirit when attacked.

[Consumes 100 Fighting Spirit]


- ‘Rage’ effect has been added.


- No separate effect 


- Increase Defense and Effect Resistance by 30%.

- Rage effect cannot be dispelled. 

※ Please note that the details provided in this Hero Balance Adjustment preview may differ from the actual update. If there are any changes made, we will let you know via an additional notice. 

The existing Corvus was designed to maintain a high defense using the skill, Fury’s Advent, and to subdue the enemy after recovery and skill buffs by using a skill that limits the enemy’s movement. However, if Corvus is fighting against a number of Heroes alone, and the enemy does not deal more than a set amount of damage, it is hard for Corvus to be defeated. In some situations, it became more advantageous for Corvus to fight against enemies alone. 

The purpose of this adjustment is to maintain Corvus’s recovery ability and skill enhancement early in the battle, and to lessen the problems that have occurred due to these abilities in the extended battle. The first change that we would like to explain is in regards to his skill, Fury’s Advent. Initially, this skill was designed to be activated in the early-mid stage of a battle, but in reality, it was activated nearly every turn, causing Corvus to recover too much health. To resolve this issue, we have raised the required Fighting Spirit that must be consumed from 50 to 100. However, the amount of Fighting Spirit gained when Macerate is used will be increased and a certain amount of Fighting Spirit will automatically be granted to Corvus at the start of battle so that the difference in strength in the early stages of battle will not be drastically different.

Next, Corvus’s skill-enhancing effect granted from Fury’s Advent will be changed. Most buffs/debuffs in Epic Seven are marked with icons and are affected by various battle rules. However, unlike other effects, Corvus’s skill-enhancing effect was not constrained to these rules and therefore undermined the uniformity of the game’s battle rules.

Therefore, through this adjustment, we plan to change the existing skill description to act similar to the current skill enhance system. Therefore, the ‘Rage’ effect will replace the existing skill-enhancing effect. ‘Rage’ effect will enhance both Shield Slam and Macerate, as well as increasing both Defense and Effect Resistance by 30%, helping resisting debuffs such as sleep and stun, while fortifying defense.

Additionally, the 60% defense increase has been removed as it will be replaced by the ‘Rage’ effect. Finally, the skill descriptions for Corvus have been improved so that players do not have to check the skill description of two skills.

Following the adjustment of Corvus, players will be allowed to recall this Hero in a similar manner to other Covenant Heroes that have been adjusted in the past. Players who wish to recall Corvus will be able to do so for 2 weeks after the patch. If recalled, players will receive back EXP and other materials that were used on this Hero. 

Additionally, we will inform our players about underutilized Heroes that will be buffed. Please see below for more detailed information. 

2. Buffed Heroes Information

Following the balance adjustment that occurred on 9/5, we have monitored both PvE content as well as PvP content and have confirmed that the overreliance on certain 5 Star Moonlight Heroes has decreased while the performance for Covenant Heroes has increased. However, we have found that certain Heroes are still underutilized and therefore, will be buffed.

Please see below for the list of Heroes that will be buffed. Note that we will provide additional information in a separate notice.



5 Star / Covenant

Kise, Tenebria

4 Star / Covenant

Dominiel, Rin

5 Star / Moonlight

Specimen Sez

4 Star / Moonlight

Assassin Cidd, Champion Zerato

3 Star / Moonlight

Mirsa, Arowell, Elson

We hope that our Heirs will give us their valuable opinions about the proposed balance adjustments detailed in this post as well as a future post where we will give more detailed information regarding the Heroes that will be buffed.

The Epic Seven team will do our best to listen to the valuable opinion of our Heirs and work as hard as possible to make Epic Seven even better!

Thank you.

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  • images
    2019.10.04 08:50 (UTC+0)

    BESTML Ravi buff or RIOT !

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:37 (UTC+0)

    BESTWhy no ml ravi buff? ***

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:39 (UTC+0)

    BESTplease buff ml ravi

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:32 (UTC+0)


  • images
    2019.10.04 08:34 (UTC+0)

    Spez's getting buff! Yay!!!

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:36 (UTC+0)

    and ml ravie wtffffffffffffff =(((((((((((((((

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:37 (UTC+0)

    Why no ml ravi buff? ***

    • images
      2019.10.04 08:46 (UTC+0)

      STOVE86928484But spez is honestly better than ml ravi, shes the worst ml5 ever released. Her only use is being a punching bag while spez can somewhat one shot people with ml ara.

    • images
      2019.10.04 08:49 (UTC+0)

      STOVE97469505i mean bettre *

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:38 (UTC+0)

    Ml Sez buff! Finally! Thank you SG! Also very excited for my best girls Tenebria and Kise. Please make then good! (hope they all get unique weapons soon! 

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:39 (UTC+0)

    please buff ml ravi

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:40 (UTC+0)

    Yess yess thank you SG! finally spez will see the day of light. forever in your gratitude

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:41 (UTC+0)

    press F for those who finish automaton early and got **** rewards with 5 leif compensation

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:43 (UTC+0)

    When Chalotte got bufffff 

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:44 (UTC+0)

    Hello SG. Why is corvus's rage status still usable after getting unable-to-be-buffed debuff but ken's vigor isn't ? Ken is a nat5 while corvus a nat4. Well I think they should be treated the same way. Since Ken's vigor (and corvus's rage) cannot be dispelled already and is considered a special buff, it should not be blockable by unable-to-be-buffed debuff.

    • images
      2019.10.04 08:56 (UTC+0)

      Flynnizeu still need 100 fighting spirit to use kens s3 so basicly its the same

    • images
      2019.10.04 08:58 (UTC+0)

      Lolinboh thank you

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:45 (UTC+0)

    Will there be changes in ML Ravi?

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:47 (UTC+0)

    buffs/ nerfs arent fixes for badly designed units, a lot of these are just mechanics not working properly, not scaling enough, etc. we need functioning mechanics not gimmicks that simply dont work

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:48 (UTC+0)

    In my opinion ml ravi is one of the weakest ml5 right now. Of course she can shine in many aspects if her gear is good enough but even with this she is underwhelming ( my ml ravi is +15)

    Edit: In my opinion you should give her some love too. A Buff would be cool.

    • images
      2019.10.05 04:17 (UTC+0)

      STOVE96477773Very good: D we built a great ravi but she's still ineffective (she's only good at rank challenge...maybe) in champion rank and legend rank, ml ravi is almost missing, because if any team has her, They will become delicious pieces of meat.

    • images
      2019.10.05 14:17 (UTC+0)

      STOVE94881884I checked the top 100 ranked arena people in global and not a SINGLE one of them had ml ravi in their defense team. Plenty of ml ceci, ml vildred and ml kens though.

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:48 (UTC+0)

    Still no nerf fot the water cancer in PVP ?

    • images
      2019.10.04 08:54 (UTC+0)

      You want Dizzy to be nerfed? Haha... isn't it on your topic everyone make it clear and the answer is... another cleanser DJ Basar.

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:48 (UTC+0)

    Is that mean clarissa will also get the 30% defense buff and effect resisit up too? Well thats good regardless

    • images
      2019.10.04 09:48 (UTC+0)

      If that would replace her current Rage, please no.
      If it will be added to her current Rage, hell yeah.

  • images
    2019.10.04 08:50 (UTC+0)

    ML Ravi buff or RIOT !

    • images
      2019.10.04 09:21 (UTC+0)

      Sad thing is, even with really good gear she is nothing but a meat shield that you can just ignore. Her Hp to dmg scaling on S1 and S3 isn't that good. On top of that, it is difficulty for her to pull off the S3 revive mechanic and even when she does, her revived ally has low hp and quickly dies (sometime even to the timed punishment from arena).

      There are several ways to buff her tho.
      - A simple increase in her scaling could help
      - Giving her S3 an execute function like with F. Maya, or maybe always having elemental advantage like Luna's S3
      - Another idea could be to give her armor penetration based on fighting spirit instead of crit chance ( which gives her a more threatening presence on the battlefield )

      So many ways to improve her.

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