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[Maintenance] 10/1 Automaton Tower Temporary Maintenance [84]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.10.01 01:21 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 44152

Hello Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel.

There is currently an issue with October’s Automaton Tower and in order to fix this issue we will carry out a temporary maintenance only for the Automaton Tower. Please note that during this temporary maintenance period, players will not be able to access the Automaton Tower.

■ Automaton Tower Temporary Maintenance Information
1. Schedule:
- Korea/Asia: 10/1 (Tue) 01:05 ~ to be announced
- Europe Server: 10/1 (Tue) 02:30 ~ to be announced
- Global Server: 10/1 (Tue) 09:30 ~ to be announced
2. Details:
- Players will not be able to access the Automaton Tower during this period.
- Players will be able to access other game contents during this period.

※ Please Note!
- Maintenance schedule and content is subject to change. In this case, we will update players by editing this notice.
- Players will be able to access other game contents with no problem during this period.
- We will give more details regarding the Automaton Tower rewards error via a separate notice.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience during the temporary maintenance period. We will continue to do our best to provide better service.

Thank you.

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    2019.10.01 06:53 (UTC+0)

    BESTIf you're that toxic afainst a company that actually fixes bugs within hours and improves the game at a very fast pace, it'd be comical to see you react to most other games where they just don't care. 

    So go ahead and pre-register, we don't need your toxicity. 

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    2019.10.01 01:43 (UTC+0)

    BESTRead all of it dont just read half of it 

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    2019.10.01 03:23 (UTC+0)

    BESTYeah, shut your face, you complain like epic seven its the only game with maintenance from time to time, so stupid.

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    2019.10.01 01:24 (UTC+0)

    Will I lose my progress? I was already at floor 45 when the tower closed. :o

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      2019.10.01 16:32 (UTC+0)

      fridolin911AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, I am from ASIA SERVER and I was already doing the tower for the month of OCTOBER when they locked it.

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    2019.10.01 01:26 (UTC+0)

    is this full maintenance? as in the game will be down? or is it just tower maintenance? 

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      2019.10.01 02:52 (UTC+0)

      oxvaA lot of similar people all over the forum.. (Facepalm)

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      2019.10.01 16:00 (UTC+0)

      read carefully !!! everything works except the tower.

      Don't harm everything. If you reach the top on 1st, 2nd or 31th of October makes no difference... patient rules !

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    2019.10.01 01:48 (UTC+0)

    What happened to those who already completed the tower before maintenance? It won't get reset right?

    They got +4 mola, Galaxy BM, Skystone etc. !!!

    Hopefully you guys being fair with everyone and just replace the inconsistence reward.

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      2019.10.01 16:02 (UTC+0)

      as ever month - the tower will be reset to "1" for everymonth. I completed it too and without reset a never could farm all the stuff again - like every month. So Its WONDERFUL, when the tower resets. (Abyss doen no reset, rewards never can be farmed again... BAD!)

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      2019.10.02 00:51 (UTC+0)

      fridolin911Dude, I've been here long before you played this game. You have no idea what did I mean by "reset before maintenance". 

      It's literally mean to those players who got to completed the newly reset tower with a buggy reward before they closed it due to maintenance.

      Do me a favor, get your brain checked in hospital.

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    2019.10.01 02:37 (UTC+0)

    Automaton tower closed until july 1st?

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      2019.10.01 03:07 (UTC+0)

      They used crimson queen to cut the time [Jojo reference]

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      2019.10.01 10:34 (UTC+0)

      Spaghetti code 

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    2019.10.01 02:56 (UTC+0)

    wow another screw up? after arena now this? it's strike two guys! you need better dev and quality control.

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      2019.10.01 17:52 (UTC+0)

      Leave the game. Good riddance you idiot.

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      2019.10.01 20:41 (UTC+0)

      STOVE84280811So what if we're defending the game? 

      I'd rather be supporting the Devs then ripping on them like the whinny children you lot are. You might as well quit the game if you always complain about bugs and sht. Cause there's more to come for sure and I'm for sure going to keep supporting them like a wHiTe KnIgHt. 

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    2019.10.01 03:11 (UTC+0)

    It is a reset time for tower anyway. So what gifts do you want? Read the whole text and try not to be a brainless ape 

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      2019.10.01 11:02 (UTC+0)

      LolinbThat most of the people commenting here are from the Global server. You ape

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      2019.10.01 11:40 (UTC+0)

      LolinbWhat's there to understand the circumstances of? 

      Simple just read the damn notes that's it

      If you can't then idk to you anymore

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    2019.10.01 03:58 (UTC+0)

    makes you wonder if this can happen im worried, i mean they made a patch for the new tower rewards and it reverted back to the old one. so its also possible for old patch to reoccur, like old covenant summoning system etc.

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      2019.10.01 06:50 (UTC+0)

      Of course you can change anything you want with patches, it doesn't mean you need to be paranoid about it, they are fixing it right away as a bug. 

      Or are you afraid the game will become self conscious and patch its old summoning system back into the game? 

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      2019.10.01 07:03 (UTC+0)

      MithrandirXnah, i think something wrong with the last patch event. somehow the automaton tower got deleted which by default returned to the earlier one. dude once the patch is applied you cant overwrite unless the new update got deleted or corrupted.

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    2019.10.01 04:41 (UTC+0)

    Seriously? I was kind of counting on the rewards of tower to get the newest hero -.- currently pre - registering for other games getting tired of rapegate halting my progress

    • images
      2019.10.01 18:51 (UTC+0)

      DeeDeeXxFor real. I came to epic 7 from summoners war. Because the devs actually care here. The whole recall system is what got me. Great job guys... just keep the maintenance rewards coming. 

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      2019.10.02 03:40 (UTC+0)

      STOVE96576192Me too. I played SW for 4 years before I got sick of their BS. I was playing that and E7 in parallel but it wasn't worth it. After they nerfed everything, especially the chakra/boomerang teams, I was done.

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    2019.10.01 04:59 (UTC+0)

    oh yeah

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    2019.10.01 07:49 (UTC+0)

    Already clear 100floor T.T

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    2019.10.01 10:28 (UTC+0)

    Good luck guys! Hopefully, It's not gonna take a year to fix

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    2019.10.01 11:09 (UTC+0)

    Man, this is the single best reward for play game i have found in a loooong time! Wish you criers would at least read the message before complaining! Good job E7! Keep up the good work, and i'll keep playing and supporting! (IMHO) The only thing i've found that even comes close to it's reward for play aspect is my guitar!

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      2019.10.01 14:31 (UTC+0)

      From a fellow guitarist I second this 

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    2019.10.01 11:30 (UTC+0)

    Slightly butthurt, Bought a LOT of energy before seeing it was down, not getting any regen now><

    • images
      2019.10.01 20:10 (UTC+0)

      Who's fault is that?

    • images
      2019.10.01 21:05 (UTC+0)

      HexiumOh boy, there we have 1 of people who like to put sg's candystick in their mouth

      Yes you could argue  that checking before getting your energy is a wise thing to do.

      That said,  most people assumed was open (because, i mean, obvious reset)  not to mention the fact that's some of my friends already did some parts of it.

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    2019.10.01 11:36 (UTC+0)

    Hi, I've been waiting an entire day and saving my energy for the automation tower already! Please hurry ):

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      2019.10.01 13:04 (UTC+0)

      Bella fra ahahahaha

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    2019.10.01 13:21 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for your information

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