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Do something about the sorting : really [1]

  • Erlin2
  • 2019.09.28 18:56 (UTC+0)
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Please, could you add:

-> a feature to sort by by heroes names, so that

     -> all identical are next to each other and i know how many i have

     -> you can easily find a hero when you do not know her/his level instead of scrolling the 300 heroes I have

-> a "logical or clear " sorting when enhancing


I spent 10 minutes looking how to get rid of extra Kirikat v2 (cannot be use to enhance) and thought i could not transmit them.

The reason : the "????" sorting.

I had sorting by element. 

But first heroes with "a normal" background are showed. I scrolled by element all the way till I reached the heroes "with dark/shade background" and thought it was heroes i could not used (locked)

However, if I kept scrolling (like 50 heroes) further, then were the Kikirat with light background...

Why ????

The sorting does not make any sense in some case as when you look to enhance a hero. You hope the heroes to memory imprint would be first, but they are at the bottom....

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  • images
    2019.09.29 07:18 (UTC+0)

    Whatever sorting you use, Kikirat is still in the weird place, just so you know. Even if there was a sorting by name, Kikirat would still be in its weird place. That's some kind of bug or whatever it is.

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