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Everyday hot times [2]

I hope devs put hourly hot times everyday, like double exp/hunts/spirit material/etc.

This could help players a lot.

Thank you.

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    2019.09.28 17:16 (UTC+0)

    The current way that hot times events are now set up is much better than having it done hourly. Having the hot times events occur for the entire day is more beneficial than something that would occur hourly.

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    2019.09.28 23:09 (UTC+0)

    I think he means he would like to see them everyday.

    The issue with this stems from what was mentioned above about all day being better. If they did daily hot times only at certain time of day, there could easily be a large portion of people that couldn't participate because of IRL obligations. This is why they have changed the actual hot time events to be all day instead of blocks of time like it was previously.

    Would it be nice if they did more hot time events? Sure, it would be nice for sure.

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