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Suggestions pt. VIII [5]

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  • 2019.09.28 10:21 (UTC+0)
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-Let people in the guild know when someone is preparing to attack a certain tower (choosing units) so that they may avoid accidentally attacking the same tower

-When you buy flags in arena, just give it to us then and there. There's no need to bring us to shop menu and then we have to go to the normal tab, buy the flags, then go back to arena. It wastes precious seconds of our lives. :P
-When you go to world map view, please show us what catalysts we can buy (so we can stop searching for it on the internet)
-Please allow us to change/edit our in-game names (limited, like, once a year or something)

-I would like to know who among my friends uses my reps (so i can replace them if they don't -- need them friendship points!!!)

-Improved chat functionality (private message from friends, easily seen messages by guild members/tagged)

-Guild war battle summary results after the war (wins, losses, awards, MVP, etc.)

-Energy refills to full using leif/skystone would be greatly appreciated

-More characters/letters/spaces allowed for guild notice message and guild intro

-More options in guild icons

-Add guild member sort by last login

-Add proof of courage rewards for guild check-in

-Add some way for us to refund catalyst/molagoras (by Akio_60782084 [Aubita])

-Mass promotion (by ChipTato_79744645 [STOVE94731421])
-2x weekend catalyst drop rate increase (by G0dzph [STOVE107010799])
-farm hunts multiple times (100 energy for 5 runs = 1 click) (by STOVE16668_3)


-Customize team names (fire team, pvp team, etc. because Team 1 and Team 2 is boring)

-More molagoras

-Gear management/sorting system (transfer, search, etc.)

-Guilds are only having 23 members to fight in guild wars even if they have 30 members. please do something about this.
-Add a free gear change regularly
-Allow vice captains to set guild war defense

-Check guild rankings, war points, league info, etc. at any time and not just during war

-Less time needed for guild war preparation

-Remove "ago" in the guild war timer

-Give us Luna please


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    2019.09.28 12:19 (UTC+0)

    BESTChanging in game name is  no-no. Many will abuse this and it'll be hard to find a culprit if there's an issue.

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    2019.09.28 12:19 (UTC+0)

    Changing in game name is  no-no. Many will abuse this and it'll be hard to find a culprit if there's an issue.

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    2019.09.28 23:59 (UTC+0)

    Overall good suggestions. Just a few comments on a couple of them

    -Private messaging
    Leads to a lot of issues in a game like this where there are a lot of people playing. The main one I can think of is harassment. Yes, you can harass people in the public chat but since its viewed publicly people usually tone it down somewhat compared to being able to directly message someone. There would be multitudes of additional complaints about harassment pertaining to Summons and GW/Arena. Right now if you want to harass someone you just fought in GW or Arena you have to guess between possible thousands of channels so it just doesn't happen. I could see this being a HUGE issue. Guild only private messaging? Maybe, but there could potentially be issues with that also. Lots of time and resources to mod.

    -Viewing Reps
    I would love to see this, but understand if they don't add it since it turns from friends to farming system. Not that you can do a whole lot of interaction with friends as is.

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    작성자 2019.09.29 01:21 (UTC+0)

    Great input guys! Just to touch on a few things.

    @STOVE94424163 /MikhailYui, hey can make it limited to, like, once a year or something. I don’t think anyone who is not invested in the game will wait that long.

    @Carefire , maybe receive PM only from friends? An alternative would be to improve guild chat so that it would be very noticeable to read messages once you are tagged by other members. It’s very easy to miss messages because there is no notification that you received a message from the guild.

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    2019.09.29 04:59 (UTC+0)

    I agree completely with improving the chatting system in general. One big move would to simply have a guild tab for chatting without all the aid requests, summons, promoting, equip enhancements, and GW assignments.

    Another would be a better MOTD board with room for WAY more characters. They could even have like an announcements tab that shows a history of announcements etc. You could pin stuff or what not. As of right now, if you don't make your guild use discord communication is EXTREMELY hard as well you know.

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    2019.09.30 06:39 (UTC+0)

    @STOVE94424163 You think they managing us by name? they have an NO. code that auto generate when you create an new acc! it permanently unchangeable

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