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2ch [GLOBAL] is recruiting [1]

Guild name: 2ch

Server: Global

Lvl: 16

Rank: Currently Glorious Guardian (x5 reward), most likely we will drop down and float in the x3 and x4 reward since we are still a growing guild.

If you are looking for a consistent top 1k guild, we might not be the one you are looking for at the moment, we are still trying to get more active and like-minded people to grow together.


Casual Crew, we are not try hard by any means whatsoever but would like to be active in Guild War (even in lost there is something to be gained :P). Constant Exp and Money Buff.

We chat using Telegram Group Chat since not all of our members use discord, once you are in, we will send you the invite to the group chat (if you are willing, it's not mandatory, but would be nice to have communication during guild wars)


- Participation in Guild Wars, as mentioned above, we are not try-hard but we would like our members to at least do their best during GW ( if possible leave the weaker opponents to the weaker guild members so we can all gain something).

- Active player, unless you are really busy irl which is understandable, as a general rule, we only remove people that are inactive for 3 days (or not attacking during guild wars when assigned)

- Ideally level 60, and have a proper defense team for guild war.

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    2019.09.23 21:47 (UTC+0)

    I am looking for guild active cuz my not only two online 

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