Vivian boss tips (Updated)
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Game Tips


Game Tips

Vivian boss tips (Updated) [8]

Although she not the final boss of the chapter but i consider Vivian is the hardest of them all and quite interesting, some ppl had trouble with her so here is some little tip that i hope gona make that more easy:

1. She is an fast, CR pushes, AOE spamer type boss so if you are new, consider not to run in there with folders

2. She have "abyssal crown", and her s2 alway attack 3 times even if it not kill anyone, it meant she can constantly stunt your team over, turn after turn so be careful! you may want your team have some immunity or cleanse 

3.  Unfortunately there is an bug ingame that make Kraven(the pet) unkillable if you kill Vivian before it turn into phase2!

so you need to make the pet transform to phase2 then kill Vivian! her s2 now because of the bug is inevitable 

*When this bug fixed later, you just need to ignore Kraven

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Oh found it, you can just put your stove id to private so people wont see the [...] beside our name

I still cannot defeat her... >_<

Oh found it, you can just put your stove id to private so people wont see the [...] beside our name


oh sorry about that, its because we can only tag the name inside the [...] and prior to this my name is still using the default number stovexxxxxx thats why if you try to tag lolinb earlier my name wont show up, im a lazy bun, dont bother to change my name before

From my understanding, people that make their stove account linked to their game account will have the default "ign[stovexxxxx]" , the one inside [...] is what considered to be the real stove id while the one outside is their ign aacount, you can change your stove id obviously, but some just leave it alone because its rare to tag people here xD

I believe you can hide your id inside the [...] like that vixx and flynnize do, but i dont know how, or maybe their account is just pure stove account and not linked with the game

Yea..i did use lot of AOE on her so the pet do transform ( jee! i believe that i type your name right then to make sure i copy your name but it not tag, why your name so hard to tag lol)

Judging from your "tips", seems like you miss understood her pet "bug" is, the bug is where if you one shot vivian before she transform the pet then vivian will die but the pet doesnt, thats the bug

"ignore the pet" is not wrong, but if people ends up one shotting vivian due to this advice you will end up bringing them to the actual bug, sure some new player wont one shot it, but just killing her when her hp is still above 50% is enough to trigger the bug and thats actually possible to do even if you are new

My advice is : let vivian transform the pet just once (by reduce vivian hp to 50% or reduce the pet hp to 50%) after that you can kill vivian

I was bringing my walking-dog team while doing main quest, so my team is pretty slow except for Iseria, so that Karven just buff her CR even those she's not dead or something trigger Vivian to cast skill with large damage to kill my Vivian but that not a problem anyway.

@VlXX Yes you can but you need to do over 2 phase! and if you try to kill it at phase one, it will turn on " immortal", pushes Vivian CR to 100% and she will use her S2 to stun your entire team! this is for new player only because their team could be in trouble if they trying to kill the pet instead, focus on Vivian is much easy, so i straight up told them not to make that mistake! 

For all: If you are seasoned players or veterans, you can flex over, kill her pet first  and clear this however you want

No, you can kill the pet.

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