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Golem still stuns when invincibility is on? [7]

Is that a glitch?

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    2019.09.20 16:21 (UTC+0)

    No,  invincibility doesnt prevent debuff

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    2019.09.20 16:24 (UTC+0)

    Invincibility is not immunity.

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    2019.09.20 16:55 (UTC+0)

    What you are looking for is 'Immunity' it prevents any debuffs or harmful effects, here is some other effects that could be good to know about

    There three can be dispelled, and debuffs can be applied while having them

    Invincible - Takes 0 damage when attacked ( full damage is still calculated so lifesteal effects still work )

    Immortal - Prevents the caster from dying, but still takes damage

    Skill Nullifier - Prevent damage once ( Duration endless )

    This is a bonus one, that a new player can get wrong

    Evasion - Prevents critical hit and debuffs and takes only 75% of damage

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    2019.09.20 17:23 (UTC+0)

    Invincible and Immunity are two different effects.

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    2019.09.21 04:11 (UTC+0)

    Guess the poster uses C.Armin a lot and when he uses B.Dingo or Ludwig, he forgot that those hero do not have immunity.

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    2019.09.21 11:39 (UTC+0)

    Invincibility prevents damage nkt debuffs immunity prevents debuffs but nkt damage

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    작성자 2019.09.23 13:29 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for the feedback, but by definition if your invincible then you should also be immune...just call it damage nullifier instead.

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