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  • STOVE102001170
  • 2019.09.12 09:55 (UTC+0)
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The powers that be will decide to seperate the artifacts and heroes when summoning. Seriously 2 5 star artifacts within 20 summons trying to get tamarinne and im tempted to purchase s pack just to get her but the rates are damn llw

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    2019.09.12 09:59 (UTC+0)

    Even if they seperated those two, 5* heroes rate were still 1%, what do you expect?

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    2019.09.12 13:29 (UTC+0)

    Even if they do that people will now complain that they are only getting trash 3* héroes. People will only stop complaining if they can get the hero in the first summon they do which will never happen.

    Also we now have a pity system in all the drop ret up banners so i don't think the summon system need another change.

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    2019.09.12 19:39 (UTC+0)

    Only 20 and u get 2 5 star artifact? Wth are u complaining? Its a gacha game not a hero collectors game to the core. With juz 20 summon i dun think u have any right to complain. Pity is there u can go for it if u wan. Is the only way for you to stop complaining is getting the unit u wan in first 5 pull?

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