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Kazran as hero [2]

Kazran is a humanoid Guardian that chose Yuna as his Heir. We never had the chance of playing along him, not as summon and neither as character. This post is to have the chance of having him as an ally.

He is the guardian of time able to manipulate time.

He is able to place traps in time and rewind it to the point when enemy is in the trap as we saw in the moon festival video of Yuna.
Nature/Light Mage

S1: Time Slash - Slashes all enemy with space&time rifts, 30% chance to slow for 1 turn. This skill has no elemental advantage/disadvantage. 2 Soul Burn: Greatly Increase damage of this skill.
Upgrade Dmg: +1>10 = 1%>10% (45% total max dmg)
Multipliers: 1.3 Atk / 0.9 Pow / 1.4 SB

S2: Time is relative - Reduces enemy CR boost by 20% (50% max) and increase ally CR by 1% (5% max) each time a turn ends.
[Awaken] If caster dies it will revive himself turning back in time with 0% CR. 8 CD

S3: Stasis - Time stops and Kazran can act outside of this boundaries + Grants Extra turn. 5 CD
Upgrade: +1: -1 CD

Stasis Turn - During stasis, Kazran is the only one able to move, Counter effects or skills are not able to trigger in this turn (SSBellona, ML Ken, Edbris Sword, Reflect) [Everything turns with green tone and none regard him has sprite animation, less Yuna who is also immune to time stops, he can dual atk with Kazran if she is lucky, but the damage of the skill will be done AFTER stasis finishes]

During Stasis

S2: Active - Reverts time of an ally to the last time he finished his turn 0% CR, this includes revive.

S1: Active - Time Lines - Kazran generates time rifts and turns back time forcing the enemy to get hit by those slashes, this skill is always a critical and can't miss regard passives/buffs/debuffs. 

Multipliers: 1.3 Atk / 1 Pow / 1.5 SB

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    2019.09.12 01:32 (UTC+0)

    Time lines.. I see what you did there. 

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    2019.09.12 13:24 (UTC+0)

    One of the best desgined characters but not playable and still not having his sprite animated. RIP

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