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The Glory Cest [5]

Hi some sort of glitch happened on September 9th with the 5,800 glory cert I soon as I went to the shop it showed that I had zero 

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    2019.09.11 10:49 (UTC+0)

    same issue with me

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    2019.09.11 10:50 (UTC+0)

    Please check announcements at the top of the page before asking a question. This has already been discussed.

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    작성자 2019.09.11 11:01 (UTC+0)

    Ok thanks 😁

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    2019.09.11 11:34 (UTC+0)

    Same with me

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    2019.09.11 11:48 (UTC+0)

    It was a bug. They're gonna fix it this week. Please check the Announcements pinned at the top of the forum for details

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