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Violet Question [2]

  • SirJay
  • 2019.09.07 09:58 (UTC+0)
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Hi team. 

Not sure about my terms:

1. stack = its like X cards merge to 1.

2. level = its like artifact level 1 to 30.

My question is, for violet, in terms of PVE like abyss, raids, automaton, etc. 

Which should I use? 

1. Sheperds of chaos? (3 stacks) 


2. Moonlight dreamblade (1 stack) 

Both are just level 1. 

I need your inputs before I invest heavy. 

By the way, I do NOT do guild wars and pvp. 

My main focus is abyss for 85 and above.

Currently stuck at 85.

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  • images
    2019.09.07 15:45 (UTC+0)

    Both are good tbh. SoC is more for survival, Moonlight DB is DPS.

  • images
    2019.09.07 17:24 (UTC+0)

    moonlight hands down. especially if u have lifesteal set

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