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ML Ravi buff idea [3]

Here is a super simple idea that would make ML Ravi much better and more interesting.

Moonlight Ravi is supposed to be a goddess of war and destruction, but currently she doesn't feel like she fills that role at all. Her damage output is lackluster and she has no presence on the battlefield at all. How would this be fixed? 2 solutions. Either just make her S1 and S3 scale better with max hp, which would work just fine, but be a bit boring, OR:

Buff her S2
The Healing part of her S2 is fine, but the crit chance is useless. Instead of crit, she should gain 6% defence penetration per 20 fighting spirit (so it can go down to 0, and up to 30, depending on how much fighting spirit she has and how long people ignore her) 

What would this change accomplish?

  1. It would boost the damage of her S1 and S3. Her S1 IS called SPECTRAL axe, thus bypassing some armor would make sense. She wouldn't be hitting like a wet noodle anymore and It would also boost the damage of her S3, which in turn would make it easier to actually execute someone and use the mechanic of the skill.

  2. It would furthermore help give her a presence on the field. Instead of making people go "i'll just outright ignore her and focus on the other members" it will make people go "Do I attack ML Ravi to reduce her dmg potential, or do I attack her other heroes on the enemy team?" Both having cons and pros. If the enemy attacks ml ravi it will reduce her dmg potential, but it also gives her other team members a chance to survive, and if people attack the team members, it allows ml ravi to deal more damage.

  3. It would just make her more interesting to use and play against

So, bad idea? Good idea? Let me know.

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    2019.09.03 13:44 (UTC+0)

    Increase her s2 from 5 to 10 crit% per 20 fs.

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    2019.09.03 14:25 (UTC+0)

    Buff her S2 is totally worthless, and maybe causing more frustration than before. Why? People didn't complain about her S2 or S1, it's S3 the core problem.

    People will act like: If you already wanna rework her, why won't you just fix her S3 instead of giving a meaningless buff and bla bla bla.

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    2019.09.04 08:24 (UTC+0)

    Her S3's damage is actually fine, people are just expecting her to be another broken ML and output the same numbers as W.Schuri while being a bruiser. Maybe the health she revives the unit with could've been changed to the damage she does with S3 or to the amount of health the enemy had before getting hit by it.

    I agree that her S2 is one big letdown and should be looked into the first thing, as it's the core of her kit, however her getting hit doesn't have the same detrimental effect as hitting ML Ken, Dork Corvus or even fire Ravi. Additionally, as OP have mentioned, it also brings down her soul burn which is the glue that holds together most units kits. I think ML Ravi's SB should be tweaked to benefit her HP oriented build rather than DPS, right now the result is unsatisfactory in both damage and healing department (keep in mind it's costs 20 souls too, when there are so many much more devastating burns at a cost of 10).

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