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Collaboration with DoTa Characters [9]

  • Tuukhuu
  • 2019.09.03 06:22 (UTC+0)
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To Epic7,

Why not collaborate with DOTA using their characters instead of guilty gear? Was this ever suggested?

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    2019.09.03 07:42 (UTC+0)

    Do you even know the definition of "Collaboration"? Does anyone just say: I want to collab with you and the other side will say: "Yes." ?

    Did E7 just use Arc System Works GG's characters? No, They come to an agreement.

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    2019.09.03 08:34 (UTC+0)

    Defenders of the Ancient.. it's a MOBA, and the heroes do not work well with the style of Epic Seven. They are 3D characters, and depending on the version (Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Valve) has different looks, styling and to certain degree Lore. It has a big roster of characters, and there is no real story - no main protagonist, nothing, just characters who have some background and some rivalry, but it's like having one character from each game out there in one single world. Too dysfunctional in story telling.

    That's why. Epic Seven is story driven and animation driven, and DotA has nothing of both.

    Guilty Gear is story driven and animation driven and on top of it has very similar characters in style and combat.

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    2019.09.03 09:02 (UTC+0)

    FRIST OF ALL! NO! AND SECOND OF ALL LEAGUE> dota. League has better art. 

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    2019.09.03 10:19 (UTC+0)

    pc master race will **** on the idea of working with mobile games, come on be realistic

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    2019.09.03 11:54 (UTC+0)

    Errr... to begin with, this is anime game.

    And DoTA is not anime.

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    2019.09.03 14:39 (UTC+0)

    Well, I can't agree with guys who commented above, art-wise and gameplay-wise it's totally doable, however it's quite impossible for valve to do collab with some unrelated gacha game. Until they maybe develop their own one lol.

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    2019.09.03 15:37 (UTC+0)


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    2019.09.04 08:50 (UTC+0)

    League is better.

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    2019.09.12 10:51 (UTC+0)

    DotA? Why not just collab with Final Fantasy then. Lol. Final Fantasy 7. Epic 7. Both have 7. Tada! 

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