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What I'm worried of this game [6]

There are some things I'm worried of this game
Anyway, this is my opinion. Prove it, if I'm wrong.

Speed is the root of evil of this game.

This thing brought a lot of changes to the game since launched.

Well, technically there is no big problem to the speed stat . But "speed on substats" (Sub Speed) is.
Speed on substats is mistake.

Why? for sub ATK, we always prefer % than flat, because % always give the highest stats.
While sub speed, they are always flat, which means it doesn't affect by base stats.

Any natural high ATK heroes, will have higher ATK increment from equipments. But speed isn't, any slow hero can be built to be fast.

You might say, high speed = RIP damage.
Well, not entirely true. Here is the reason :

1. Angelica won't be as broken as now.
She will remain "slow and tanky healer", maybe need some CR/Speed boost heroes/artifact to help her move.

2. Wind Rider shouldn't be nerfed.
A.Lots has quiet high base spd though (112), but you can't always use "one trick win" by team up with Sez, because there are many faster hero, like Silk (121) or A.Coli (126) are ready to break your formation.

3. Holy Trinity should be remain alive (Rikoris, Tiera, Elson shouldn't be nerfed).
Ultra SPD stats does play big role on this team. I watched back holy trinity video, Tiera was built with 200+ SPD from 108 SPD. Without extreme SPD, she can't outspeed enemies and continuously push her team and they shouldn't break the game.

4. Kiris won't be dead. Bosses shouldn't have "Immune to Poison".
We can't abuse Kiris to stack poison on boss without build ultra speed.

5. SC Roozid might be more widely used.
Full Skill Tree Roozid will has 114 SPD, which is fairly high compare to the rest of hero and yet he has CR boost to team.
Compare him to Schuri, Schuri can Boost CR and attacking, while SC Roozid is non attack skill. But Schuri has lower base SPD (110).
Judith has higher base SPD and higher CR Boost, but Roozid has "Increase SPD" and passive skill tree skill
Not just using A.Lots to cleave.

6. There will be more diversity.
Because we need some natural fast hero to support the team, not just by use the same MLs and put some speed.

But, this isn't the end of the story

Immunity Set, yes this is the next problem.

I don't know if this is true or not, I read it somewhere (on Reddit if I'm not mistaken).

Someone said, without "Immunity Set", pvp will be "SPD race game", who start first then they mostly win the battle.

Again, I don't know if they introduce "Immunity Set" is for that reason or not, but it is kinda make sense.
Because it will prevent (at least harder) aoe stun/def break at first turn and cleave.

On ML nerf announcement, someone said, ML Ara shouldn't be nerfed, we can counter her by Immunity Set.
Well, her stun rate is 100% aoe, 100% is easy counter by "Immunity Set", then what about the below 100%?

Assuming full party is using Immunity Set, debuffer will be useless on first turn (except that hero has ability to remove buff, like F.Kluri or ML Baal).
Well, you might say Effect Resistance say hello, but it need great investment and debuffer is need great investment on effectiveness too, it isn't as easy as simply put 2 gears.
I know, ultra high resist might be better than immunity, because immunity is vulnerable to be dispelled, but immunity on first turn solve 95% debuffer problem.

Is "Immunity Set" nerf some hero indirectly? technically no, but rather break the game mechanic.

Until Immunity Set became essential, then you can't use debuffer anymore on first turn, except you have remove buff hero.

Without Immunity Set,

1. Specimen Sez should be better.
His stun chance is relatively low (30% 50%) and yet there is Immunity Set to deal with.

2. It won't broke half of all heroes.
Silk : she is natural fast hero, inflict Decrease Speed to all enemies and grant Increase Speed to team on first turn is great. With Immunity, she can't do that anymore.
Well, you might say "just don't use aoe debuff on first turn and have a longer battle instead cleave on the first turn", but this is opposite to Specimen Sez and enemy might use grant immunity skill later.

- Natural slow hero can be built to be fast
- Some hero can be build with ultra fast to be support and doesn't need other stats, like A. Lots.
- They might trying to solve the speed problem with Immunity Set, but it is double-edge sword which make a new problem.

There are 2 choices:

1. Leave them be.
Heroes built for debuffing on first turn will remain bad on late pvp.
- Tenebria S3 : inflict def break and grant Increase Attack is reasonable to use on first turn, but she can't def break on first turn.
- Silk : inflict Decrease Speed and Increase Speed.
- Baal & Sezan S2 : damage increase as number of debuffs, then he should use his S3 on first turn.

This will have huge impact to future heroes meta and some heroes remain crucial.
- C.Zerato is kinda bad rated, because he play a lot of role on debuffing.
- They introduced ML Baal to solve immunity set problem and F.Cecilia to solve ML Baal problem.

- A.Lots is hyper rated. A.Lots always can CR Boost a super DPS at the first turn and maybe wipe out all enemies.

New heroes with debuff might be rated as bad, since they are hard to used due to immunity set.
"Immunity set" counter already out, "Immunity set counter" counter already out too, then what next?

If immunity set doesn't exist, we can have more new debuff and debuffer will work as they intended.
This is what I'm worried of.

2. Make Changes.
- There is an idea that came up on my mind, change sub speed to % and divide the value by 3 or 4. Since use %, speed stat might need to changed to float value from integer value.
At this point, naturally slow hero can't be build to be fast and remain slow, natural fast hero will be able to build them faster, because speed stats on equipment always depend on base speed.
But there are impact to some new heroes too, like ML Baal need to rework and impact on current pve.

- Replace/Remove Immunity Set. I know this will drive whole community into mad and hugely impact to current hero, but with immunity set will affect the future update of the game too.
if we want to replace immunity set, I have 2 idea that came up, barrier or effect resistance buff.

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    2019.08.09 05:08 (UTC+0)

    nonono CR Boost is the cancer.CR boost skill can make a tank run like jet.

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    작성자 2019.08.09 05:12 (UTC+0)

    A. Lots won't be cancer without ultra speed, "ultra speed" this is where the problem start

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    2019.08.09 05:23 (UTC+0)

    A.lot can't do **** without CR boost s2.

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    작성자 2019.08.09 05:53 (UTC+0)

    do u mean a.lots without cr boost is useless?

    a.lots has aoe silence and his mana inject does grant increase attack to himself to, he should be a supportive DPS

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    2019.08.09 07:09 (UTC+0)

    yup! CR boost is the most cancer buff. one fast guy make everybody fly with him. without CR boost A.lots just another wet noodle.

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    작성자 2019.08.09 07:24 (UTC+0)

    well, I get it, but A.lots just can boost 1 hero, I don't think it is cancer

    for other heroes, like roozid, judith, rose, maybe yes, because they CR Increment are quite high and aoe

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