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How unlucky can I be [5]

Hey there, I started to play epic seven since the beginning and ... Still don't have any ML 5*.

Even with the refund I had like 100 ML BMs and 2500 Mystics.

Still got nothing.

I dunno what to do ... I feel like dropping the game right now ... I mean I only got 3* dupes and 4* dupes (most of my rolls were 3* dupes btw). 

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    2019.08.08 08:08 (UTC+0)

    Yea...sorry for you man! No matter how long you play the game will not rewards you ! Cause it "gacha" and gacha doesn't give a **** about reward player for the time they spend playing it! 

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    2019.08.08 08:24 (UTC+0)

    statistically 20ml roll is about 60% chance to not get a ml5. 

    your 50 mystic rolls is about 73% chance to not get a ml5.

    combined that's about 44% chance to not get a ml5 from all your rolls. Little bit better chance then a coinflip. rip better luck next time at least you're a fourth of the way to a mystic pity.

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    2019.08.08 12:17 (UTC+0)

    Same to, 110 galaxie and 2000 mystique and no 5*. 

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    2019.08.08 12:32 (UTC+0)

    Another guy crying about not getting a ml 5 star after around ml 20 pulls, when the chance for a 5 star is only 2.5%.

    Calculate yourself how many times you have to pull to get one.

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