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[Update] 8/7 (Wed) Update Content (Part 1) [97]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.08.07 10:50 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 139107

1. Summon System Improvements

The summon system has been improved.

■ Covenant Summons

- Moonlight Heroes have been added to the Covenant Summon area.

■ Mystic Summons

- The Mystic Summons UI has been improved.

1) A guaranteed summon counter has been added.

2) The Mystic Summon screen now displays the amount of time the current 5★ Moonlight Hero has until it is removed and the next 5★ Moonlight Hero will appear.

3) The Mystic Summon screen now displays the amount of time the current 4★ Moonlight Hero has until it is removed and the next 4★ Moonlight Hero will appear.

4) The Mystic Summon Screen also displays normal Heroes and Artifacts that can be obtained. It also displays the amount of time remaining until the normal Hero and Artifact list is changed.

5) The next rotation of Moonlight Heroes and regular Heroes and Artifacts is also displayed.

6) Storage. If the number of Heroes and Artifacts that a player summons is greater than their inventory allows, then the newly summoned Heroes/Artifacts will be placed into Storage,

7) Players can view the Mystic Summon probability rates.

8) Players can proceed to the Journal from the Mystic Summon screen.

- Guaranteed Summons have been added to Mystic Summons

1) Each summon will cause the summon counter to decrease by 1. 

2) If a player does not receive the featured 5★ Moonlight Hero after 200 summons, then the following summon is 100% guaranteed to summon that hero. 

3) If the featured 5★ Moonlight Hero is summoned, then the Summon Counter is reset.

4) If the 5★ Moonlight Hero is rotated, then the Summon Counter will not be reset. 

The Moonlight Heroes in the Mystic Summon list change as Mystic Summons are also designed to include older Heroes.

 Schedule: 8/8 (Thu) After the Maintenance ~ 9/4 (Wed) 18:00 UTC 

※ The expected Hero Rotation change can be seen below.

 Normal Heroes and Artifacts will not be changed.




5★ Moonlight Hero

Apocalypse Ravi

Apocalypse Ravi

4★ Moonlight Hero

Champion Zerato

Wanderer Silk

■ Summon Visual Improvements

- Improvements have been made so that a gold color appears in addition to UI improvements when summoning 4~5normal Heroes and Artifacts.

- Improvements have been made so that a purple color appears in addition to UI improvements when summoning 4~5★ Moonlight Heroes.

2. Hero Relationship Improvements

Hero Relationships have been improved. 

The relationship between characters changes as the story progresses.

■ Relationship Map

- As the player progresses further into the plot, new relationships are formed and displayed.

- When a condition is satisfied, a new relationship diagram opens and players can move to another relationship via the button at the bottom.

■ Connection Unlocked

- Relationships that have not yet been formed will be marked with a [?] symbol and as the player progresses in the story, these symbols will be replaced with newly connected Heroes. 

■ Relationship Progress
 - As the story progresses, the relationship may also change.

- Even if your relationship with a particular Hero has changed, players may view previous information by tapping the button below. 

3. New Moonlight Hero – Apocalypse Ravi

A girl born amidst calamity, the new Moonlight Hero, Apocalypse Ravi has arrived!

Players can meet Apocalypse Ravi in the Covenant Summon, the Moonlight Summon and through Mystic Summon!

■ Apocalypse Ravi

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]

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    2019.08.07 10:58 (UTC+0)

    BESTRelationship update is the biggest hype for me.

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:20 (UTC+0)

    BESTI am happy to inform you that you have become a laughing stock in a very top tier guild Discord.

    They basically increased the likelihood of ML5 by more than 6 times.

    Yet here you are, still complaining because your brain cannot see past the number.

    Thank you and congratulations.

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:00 (UTC+0)

    BESTNote that the covenant changes affect your daily summons. Get ready for the f2pbtw free dailies

  • images
    2019.08.07 10:57 (UTC+0)

    laugh out loud" 0.15% for a summoning rate holy cow.... why even bother? ive played your game since day one- i still have not gotten a single 5 star ML not a single one!! ive spent time and money not a single one... so funny...

    • images
      2019.08.07 14:45 (UTC+0)

      ***** to hear mate. everybody is different tho, i got my first ml5 on my second pull. dont give up and im sure you'll get it soon!
      jk, stop complaining you entitled **** ****

    • images
      2019.08.07 21:08 (UTC+0)

      STOVE124626932calling yourself a member of a "very top tier guild" makes you look like a clown. 

  • images
    2019.08.07 10:58 (UTC+0)

    Relationship update is the biggest hype for me.

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:00 (UTC+0)

    Note that the covenant changes affect your daily summons. Get ready for the f2pbtw free dailies

    • images
      2019.08.07 14:44 (UTC+0)

      Yep,wish me luck

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:01 (UTC+0)

    Love your attention for world building and character development

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:02 (UTC+0)

    Wait so are we still getting a pity on rate up banners or just mystic summons? I never want to spend 1400 bookmarks just for a Kise or anybody ever again.

    • images
      2019.08.07 11:11 (UTC+0)

      We should be, but that was already mentioned and isn't really a "change to the summoning system" so I can understand if they didn't feel the need to say it again here.

      We'll know for sure by next week when a new banner comes.

    • images
      2019.08.07 11:13 (UTC+0)

      STOVE92356646Yeah next banner would make way more sense for them to announce since it would be the first rate up banner with the system.

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:04 (UTC+0)

    players still complaining? what a surprise lol.. move on salty stoners 

    • images
      2019.08.07 14:49 (UTC+0)

      Getting stoned makes you less salty. You're thinking of alcohol. Common mistake :D

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:13 (UTC+0)

    Stop whining.

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:15 (UTC+0)

    Kyaaaaa i regret what i've said.

  • images
    2019.08.07 11:26 (UTC+0)

    Awesome update! So much to look forward to. :3

  • images
    2019.08.07 12:30 (UTC+0)

    Thank you very muck for those updates. 

  • images
    2019.08.07 12:48 (UTC+0)

    When we mean your 'drop rate sucks/broken' is not by adding moonlight to regular summon but those number .. 0.15%, what blasphemy .. you call it fixed? Like pity summon or something? But then pity summon is there for 120 (32400 stone) for one 5star is horrid, should it be like half like 60 to guarantee and everyone is happy? Not like even in previous collab event (please let it be first and last event, you are terrible) but then whatever ... all of these content are just to fuel and please those whaler untill you pull those server plug ..

    Looking to what potential mess this update can do ..

    • images
      2019.08.07 18:22 (UTC+0)

      STOVE108889414Can you stop copy and pasting the same **** over and over? Its ******* annoying  

    • images
      2019.08.07 18:22 (UTC+0)

      Do you have bad luck? Then don't play gachas and do YOURSELF a favor, you will be less angry and in the long run maybe even get more healthier. 

      "Looking to what potential mess this update can do .."

      So, it's funny to see how are you expecting **** to go downhill just to, then again, come here and spill what seems to be more unnecessary anger, if you're not happy with the improvements maybe you will never be even with a pity system of what? 60 pulls? 30 pulls? Must really **** to be you if get this whiny when you don't get what you want.

      To the Epic Seven team: thanks for the improvements hope all this overwhelming wave over wave of hate and complains don't drive you to the point of dropping the development of the game, I really enjoy playing it.

  • images
    2019.08.07 14:25 (UTC+0)

    N00b question regarding the relationships: do they have any direct effect in battle? Like, does Luna deal more damage to Cecilia?

    • images
      2019.08.07 17:12 (UTC+0)

      I don’t think so

    • images
      2019.08.07 19:14 (UTC+0)

      No, It helps with the friendship status tho.

  • images
    2019.08.07 14:38 (UTC+0)

    I Never get Nat5 on Mystic Summon, but now i will get it after 200 Summon, Thanks for make my badluck alive !

  • images
    2019.08.07 15:20 (UTC+0)

    Wow. If you really think anyone other than whales will waste resources on non guaranteed normal covenant summon for a 0,15% chance at something good, you guys must be out of your minds.

    Wait, I forgot, whales are all you care about, thats why you doubled the mystic packs, nevermind.

    • images
      2019.08.07 18:14 (UTC+0)

      I’m sorry, would you like to have a 0 percent chance instead of getting something FOR FREE? 

      It’s a 5* ML summon. The MOST VALUABLE thing in this game. And they’re giving a chance for players to get it for free. Don’t like it? Would you like smile gate to give a 50% chance to summon one.every day? Are you a little slow in the head? 

      Let me ask you a question. Let’s say the Starbucks that you went to every day decided to start a raffle to win a 1000 dollar gift card to Starbucks EVERY DAY. You get a free entry every day. Do you complain to Starbucks about why the chances are so low of winning that 1000 dollars? Maybe you’d like to complain to their CEO about why you can’t have a higher chance to win that 1000 dollars every day. Maybe the ceo would like to give everyone a 50% chance of winning $1000 every day! How great for you! Come back a week later and Starbucks no longer exists cuz it ******* went bankrupt. 

      Use your head a LITTLE BIT before you complain next time.

    • images
      2019.08.07 18:48 (UTC+0)

      STOVE108889414OK, here's what shills like you don't understand: this game was already extremely whale-friendly. That was the whole problem, that's what they were supposed to fix. Most whales have every single *5 ML released on mystic summons, while most F2P and low spenders have 0 or 1 ML *5 (I personally spent over $200, been playing since day 1, have 1 *5 ML: Chloe). Having *5 ML units completely dominate arena while making them extremely easy to buy and extremely hard to get for non-whales isnt a balanced arena. Not even a slightly p2w one, its full whale arena.

      How exactly did DOUBLING whale's chances of getting the mystic pull, by doubling the mystic packs, and making the guaranteed *5 ML every 10.050 freakin mystic coins (whales can buy over 7k per month, while it will take over a year for a F2P to get one guaranteed, hell, you could be a whale and it will still take you that long if you dont buy the mystic packs) help "balance" things?. This is just another whale-friendly patch.

  • images
    2019.08.07 15:28 (UTC+0)

    From 2.5% TO .15% Good luck getting any ML's now you complainers. Honestly you deserve this. And now if you complain more, I hope to dear *** they don't listen to any of you. 

    • images
      2019.08.07 18:21 (UTC+0)

      Read the patch notes you idiot. The summon rates for galaxy bookmarks doesn’t change. You still have 2.5% chance for a ML5 from them, you get a 0.15% for a daily ML5. If you understand this and are still complaining, you need to go play another game. 

    • images
      2019.08.07 18:23 (UTC+0)
  • images
    2019.08.07 15:35 (UTC+0)

    wow *** happened????? where is the improvement for moonlight summon system........... so you only ****** the chances of summon, adding them to covenant summons, artifact summon still on top, 5* hero "1.25%"--vs-- 5* artifact 1.75% and of course "6.5%"-- 4* artifact. thats a shit, and there will be no refund or change in moonlight stone prices. this is a whale improvement system only, you are not helping players really, so ft2 people is just trash to you.

    • images
      2019.08.07 21:23 (UTC+0)

      It is still more than 6 times easier to obtain ML5 now. Instead of 1 ML chance every 120 pulls, you now average around 1 ML chance around 17 pulls. 

      Meanwhile, the chance of getting ML5 during ML pull is still around 2.5% to 3%.

    • images
      2019.08.07 21:52 (UTC+0)

      STOVE124626932You only have a chance to pull ML in the normal covenant summon. So for people who save their resources for limited banners, this change means nothing. For whales? They'll go all out buying normal summon packs and spend it in the covenant summon 'til they get every ML in the game.

      I think you're the brain damaged one, mate. 

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