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Buff Purrgis S3 [1]

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  • evil968[evil968]
  • 2019.08.07 00:42 (UTC+0)
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Compared to his S2 (if it activates), his S3 has less utility unless against squishy enemies so I tend to use his default attack more often despite it being available. He becomes very inconsistent on offense and support if he isn't equipped with a counter set to prevent enemy turns while doing damage to get close to that 30% health mark for his S3. This limits him from using other builds like the attack and crit dmg sets and the fact that Purrgis requires a lot of molagora investment to ensure his kit works especially on to his recent buff.

Here are some ideas for his S3 Final Blow (skill isn't really a final blow) so that it doesn't seem inferior to his S1: 

Original: Attacks all enemies with a powerful ground pound, stunning for one turn if they have less than 30% health

  • Deathchaser Purrgis: Enemy is stunned if below 40% of health, if below 25% health ignores effect resistance.
  • Disruptive Purrgis: Removes one buff from enemy, if below 30% health stuns and removes two buffs.
  • Ticking Timebomb Purrgis: Stuns if less than 30% of health, increases attack and decreases health needed to stun by 5% after each use (max of 4 times)
  • Masochist Purrgis: Increases attack and speed for each hit he doesn't do a counterattack (effect resets after attacking) 
  • Lucky Purrgis: Stuns if less than 30% health and 25% chance to stun regardless of health, damage increases by 15% for each enemy that has less than 50% health,  

Each of these represents a different way of going for the final blow whether it's gambling on the ********* stacks for the big finale or using it to make the enemy vulnerable. Hope you can consider these Smile as his kit would be much more fun to experiment with if he was consistent at what he does rather than in certain situations that sometimes works.

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    2019.08.07 02:49 (UTC+0)

    I like these suggestions, Thoughtful and not OP considering what the rest of the kit does.

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