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Collaboration Possibility [2]

Black Clover, a really good title who had a huge success and has a good theme for E7.

A breach between worlds open and some mages are stealing mana from the world of Orbis, killing fauna.

Protagonists try to stop it:

Featuring: Leo, Destina, Armin, Iseria as Nature protectors and Yuno(Mage - Libra) + Asta(Warrior - Libra) as event characters
Final Boss: Monster summoned from the Mana recollection, changes element each time gets hit.

Asta Dark 3 Star Free, obtainable in the story line. Memory Imprint: Dual Atk

S1 Anti-Magic Bull Trust - Slashes an enemy, 50% chance to armor break, 50%chance to silence

S2 Passive Anti-Magic Grimore - Grants Skill Null at the start of the turn

S3 5ft Leaf Contains a Demon - Cleans buffs and transforms Asto into Demonic Form - Grants Black Wing, gets a 10% Stat Boost in Speed, Atk, eff resistance & effect. Starts with 5 CD lasts 3

-Sub S1 Black Meteor - Dispells ALL buffs and Inflicts silence for 2 turns
-Sub S2 Passive Anti-Magic Mana Zone - Grants himself and a random ally with Skill Null, additionally if an enemy revives activates Metsuma - Sword of the anti-reincarnation, attacks instantly dispelling all buffs, with armor ignore equal to enemies atk, if more than 1 person revives, attacks the one with highest atk. This skill has Extinction Effect.
-Sub S3 Demon Killer - Black Divider - Attacks 1 enemy with huge damage dispells all buffs and silences for 2 turns. Consumes Demonic form.

Yuno Nature 5 Star Banner Memory Imprint: Speed %

S1 Rising Moon - Slash capable of inflicting bleed with 30% chance and ignores 10% def Gains 1 Mana(Focus)

S2 Silver Falcon of the Wind - Increases allies speed and self CR by 50% Gains 2 Mana(Focus)

S3 Spirit Immersion Mana Zone - Dispells all debuffs and transform Yuno into Spirit From - Grants Wind's Blessing, gets a 30% Speed Buff and 10% Atk Boost, all ally get Speed Boost for 1 turn. This skill needs 5 of Mana(Focus) Yuno changes automatically when gets 5 of Mana(even out of turn) and gets an additional turn.

-Sub S1 White Ark of Tempest - Attacks all enemy with wind spears, if a critical is landed the spear ignores 20% defense
-Sub S2 Sylph's Breath - Attacks all enemy with a huge horizontal tornado slowing them down
-Sub S3 Passive Spiritual Storm - When Yuno loses Wind's Blessing Buff, he execute a huge wind mana burst to all enemies, if Yuno is killed during Spirit Form, executes Spiritual Storm before dying.

Sylph of the wind: Grants user +1.5% Atk & Speed each turn (10 Times Max) Mage Only

Grimore of the Clover with 5 leafs: Single Atk has a 50% chance to increase enemies CD by 1 (100% Max) Warrior Only

Mana Skin: Grants User with 5% Eff Resistance & Atk (10% when Maxed)

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    BESTahiak no one care

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    ahiak no one care

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    Would be cool but both corperations would need to agree on the collaboration 

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