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ML Changes [3]

This post is related to characters that should be good and are not, at all.

Blaze Dingo:

Option 1 = S3 Apply to all team in place of 1 and the caster

Option 2 = S1 + Constant Healing for 1 turn to the ally with lowest health

Option 3 = S2 Dispells 1 Buff

Assassin Cidd:

Option 1 = Make DMG&Speed Scale really good

Option 2 = Give Stealth chance in place of Poison, this will give survival chance.

Option 3 = Permit S2 Trigger constantly (and fix the S2 description) (Deserved buff)

Option 4 Favorite = S2> If he kills an enemy Gets an additional turn and gets 1 Turn Atk Increase, this includes killing with Poison from S1 (Can be chained if constantly kills) (This would make a low stat character, a living nightmare)

Fighter Maya:

S3(Frightened effect) If kills, increase enemy's speed but lowers both attack and defense at 90% chance for 1 turn (makes her more viable in def teams and PVE)

Kitty Clarissa:

Option 1 = S1 Extends debuffs on enemy by 1

Option 2 = S2 Has 60% Chance to Atk Break (100% with molagoras)

Option 3 = S3 Reduces ally CD by 1

Specimen Sez:

Option 1 = S1 If enemy is NOT stunned, trigger S2 (Low stun chance = Stun chance increase)

Option 2 = S2 Change DMG to Effect Chance and readiness with molagoras so it can get 70% Stun Chance and 70% CR (So he actually gets a chance to S3 someone)

Option 3 = S3(Weakness Spot) Ignores defense with any debuffs

Option 4 = If S2 stuns, user gets an additional turn

Champion Zerato:

Option 1 = S1 Increase CR of the user 20%

Option 2 = S2 Add, if enemy lands a debuff on ally, he gets 10% CD per each Debuff

Option 3 = S1 Has a 50% chance to slow

General Purrgis:

Option 1 = S1 Has 100% Provoke chance (Force Triggeres the S2 constantly)

Option 2 = S2 Has 10% CR increase but max mola does 30% CR increase, with AOE effect is halved.

Option 3 = Give an extra turn

Guider Aither:

Option 1 = S1 Has 50% Slow chance

Option 2 = S2 Applies shield to everyone

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    2019.08.06 17:56 (UTC+0)

    Why does Kitty Clarissa have so many provoke mechanic options? She is a cleanse style 

    The changes you suggest break characters in this game more so than any characters were before. Some of these are okay, but others like B. Dingo S3 applying to all is just way over.

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    작성자 2019.08.06 18:25 (UTC+0)

    @SushiCat Since i got a lot of suggesstions like this for kitty clarisa im going to change her possible rebalances

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    2019.08.06 18:39 (UTC+0)

    If you give general purggis 30% combat readiness increase you will break the game lolol

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