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  • 2019.08.05 21:17 (UTC+0)
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hey all 8) 

so far there are 3 things I like.

1) the ability to skip the dialog if I so choose

2) I like the option of getting and creating a team almost right away

3) game is pretty much straight forward, not difficult to figure out, and red dots to show there is an interest in that area

3 things I do not like, or needs improvement.

1) having to read the forums to get rid of the red dot, there should be a button to mark all as read

2) cannot stop some parts of the tutorials

3) the dialog of the chars can be somewhat offensive, the dialog should not seem like it is down talking the player... most people are not stupid and no one should be treated like they are. whether they are or are not is of no consequence.

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    2019.08.06 04:04 (UTC+0)

    You actually can skip the tutorial, when the tutorial appear, just don't move, don't tap anything for about 5 secs, then the "skip tutorial" button will appear at the top left of game screen.

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    2019.08.06 18:57 (UTC+0)

    Dialogues are offensive???

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    2019.08.07 02:40 (UTC+0)

    rofl offensive dialogues? Boys we found one! holy crap these safe space kids exists. i thought that **** was a joke

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