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102Waifus is recruiting you! (Global)

What's up awesome person reading this:

102Waifus is a level 16 guild on the Global Server currently recruiting for 3 new members.  We are seeking players who are active and willing to contribute and help their fellow guildmates improve.  We are open to newer players and players who are making the effort to improve.  We are currently seeking players who are rank 60+ (at least 55) and have finished at least Master III and have obtained at least 12 6*s.

We are a very friendly, helpful, and active group of friends. Half the guild's roster is made up of friends who migrated from SW.  Our guild chat is active and we also have a discord.  

If you are interested, and meet the requirements, just send us a request in game.  Or you can find me, or any of our vices, in channel 3. 

Thank you for reading.

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