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Promotion improving [1]

As a player that have been playing since launched, promotion always abit harsh.
It's taking too much time and energy to promote a character to 6.
So the idea to speed this up is by upgrading the Phantasmas.
 Mega-Phantasma 2* -> 3*
 Giga-Phantasma 3* -> 4*
 Tera-Phantasma 4* -> 5*
with this change Stigma will become more useful since you can use it to get Mega-P
and Giga-P from shop and urgent, Tera-P from guild shop and Tower It's not unbalance or too fast.
2* fodders become useless? Nope you still need to farm the to feed your Phantasma.

Players want to try out their favorite heroes but they can't because of this, they have to focus on
universal heroes instead.

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    2019.08.05 14:22 (UTC+0)

    I do agree, there is so many heroes and combination you like to try out but the time and energy needed to grind is more scary as compare to other games I had played. In the end player who unable to spam real money only can build up a team of universal heroes, people who can spend lot of cash can build up more heroes.

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