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Smilegate and some F2P [3]

Dear some f2p players out there did you forget that there will be no E7 with out the ability for smilegate to make money somehow? Such as every and all packs such as mystics and summon packs if yall wanna complain about " its not fair " how? They do not gaurentee a hero for anyone even for whales. Remeber its YOUR choice for not wanting to spend money and support the game even in a small way ( you cant give up that morning coffee for a monthly pack?) Its distastful criticize smilegate for trying to pay its employees etc. . . Over every little thing.

Im not saying there isnt anything that can improve the game, but none of us "deserve" to get any hero we want.


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    2019.08.04 18:24 (UTC+0)

    I agree if mystic pack will guarantee or help u to achieve guarantee mileage, this is the reason for purchasable packs to exist

    "none of us deserver to get any we desired hero", I somewhat can accept it, but at least whaler should be able to get a better stuffs like 4*/5* ml for galaxy pack

    its YOUR choice for not wanting to spend money

    but, dev also wanted u to do it, then we should have a good deal

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    2019.08.04 22:48 (UTC+0)

    Counter question: how many whales will remain if all whales can do is fight against other whales?

    Spend money or not, both are integral part of the game's sustainability. It is naive to suggest one group is superior to the other.

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    2019.08.07 21:33 (UTC+0)

    Posts like these are short-sighted and disregard the longevity of the game. Do you think the same whales right now are going to be keep blowing thousands every week. 

    The whole point of a gacha game addiction is to ease f2p people in to start purchasing slowly so that their account becomes an investment instead of an expense so you can gradually replace the whales that burn out or quit. 

    Now mind telling me how it eases people into spending if the last 2 nat 5 designs are garbage and the asking price of a relevent pvp unit is 900$.

    Dead games don't produce revenue, a game focused on squeezing whales dry isn't sustainable, and if you're actively against converting your f2p player base it's just going to be treated as another casual game they play and quit within a few weeks so enjoy bleeding the community for short-term profit. When inevitably another game comes out. 

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