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who to focus in the near future?

I got ML Coli, ML Cidd, reg cidd, ML Baal, kitty clarissa, Yufine, and SS Bellona. Is SS bellona gonna be good in pvp at all? i have 50 molagoras saved up and plenty of awakening materials for everyone. yufine and reg cidd are already +8, and since ml baal wont be able to debuff more than 1 at a time i find him basically useless outside of interrupt which is also slighty nerfed. would kitty fill that roll better? will yufine be worth +15 now that she will strip better than ml baal for no reason now? will baal be worth trading in for a better 5* since i only have fallen cecilia and ml ken? Or should I focus ml coli or ml cidd since coli is getting buffed? i guess if you were in my shoes who would you spend mola on? who would you keep? My arena team is mostly Dizzy (+5 s2 and s3), bellona (+15 and totally worth it for all content), luna (+15), ML baal (+10), Yufine (+8), fallen cecilia (+3 s3), angelica (+9 s2 and s3), destina (+3 s3), and c dom (+15). ive been hoping for BBK or vildred (either) but never got them and got ml rin and ml zerato benched. i also have a bunch of pve only units such as tama/iseria combo that i dont use for pvp. who would make a real team? (stuck at challenger 3 without buying flags) and who would you invest into next if you were me?  im usually a chronic hoarder since molas are such a ***** to get in the first place and have a hard time deciding for myself. 

thank you so much in advance for your time and input and not throwing out negativity like we are discussing free **** from smilegate. :)

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