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ML Baal nerf

He is the only ML hero i got that will be getting nerfed. Since he will only dispel 1 buff now, i wont be able to use him against ml armin teams as good. I pulled kitty clarissa that can remove debuffs and buffs more effectively, should i just use her or keep baal for interrupting teams that dont use more than 1 buff? Is there anyone worth trading him in for? i know you cant do ravi and i already have ken (benched) and fallen cecilia. Id appreciate your input. 

right now i just use him instead of angelica against cheesy teams with immune/invulnerability or CR pushers. Everyone has immunity set:i have dizzy go first and either push or debuff, then baal goes after their dizzy, then bellona aoe crit/def break/ which pushes my cd9m to front where i 1 shot someone of my choosing. im not very arena saavy but it has gotten me to challenger III no problem.

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