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Kayron slight buff [2]

The last patches made characters that were in the same tier level, for the same purpose to be forgotten due to one of them getting a much better kit.

This is case of Kayron and Arbiter Vildred, who were both supposed to erase the enemy team after having the health reduced to 0, the last patches made AVildred so much better than in comparison Kayron is a roach.

Changing his S2 Passive : Iron Will (who none puts molagora in) could bring back Kayron to a similar level, without really touching to much the function of it.

Each time you kill an enemy the max CD of immortality gets reduced by 1
Kayron starts with 9 CD in the Immortal (Avil has 5 for revival), yes he can reduce the CD to 6 with investment but the difference is the utility of this passive, that makes Avil a nightmare, he gets an additional turn, no debuffs, and a huge DPS area skill, Kayron gets a single target skill that can 1 shot nearly anything, BUT, until he executes this skill and even after, since is not InstaSkill, Kayron can get Silenced, STUNNED(Worst scenario), atk down, dispelled, putting him in a bad situation, meanwhile AVil gets a clean turn.

Adding: If Kayron kills an enemy, the Max CD of the skill is reduced by one, and the actual CD of the passive is not reduced. With a minimum CD of 3.

Example: Kayron Gets Immortal, CD:6
Kayron Kills with S3 > S2 CD:5 MaxCD:5, Immortal Extended
Kayron Kills TWICE with S1 > S2 CD:4 MaxCD:3, Immortal Finishes

This means that killing before getting the passive in use, reduces the max CD, but if the passive activates before, the Count Down for the Immortal will stay in place until reaches 0.
This will make Kayron really good in PVE since stacks Immortality with tiny monsters, and once in the boss, even if he cant extend the immortality anymore with the S3, he will be able to take damage for several turns and not die if its supported by the team.

Example: Kayron Immortal CD:3 >Turn End Loses Immortal CD:2
Kayron takes Dmg > Turn > CD:1
Kayron gets Healed > DMG > Kayron's Turn CD 0 > DMG > Immortal



Upgrade Kayron's S2

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    2019.08.02 22:05 (UTC+0)

    Kayron and Arbiter Vildred? I mean your idea is fine, I guess... But compare a covenant hero to a Moonlight shade Hero is a little bit off... They buff A.Vildred because he is ML nat 5* and too much underwhelming. Kayron? He's already good no need for buff, EVEN IF they buff Kayron, people can just shut down him with SOL (free heroes everywhere) with Uberius, Tamarrine with her S1, Iseria + Oath Key with her S3, Dizzy with her absol-kill S3 plus Iela's Violin/ Abyssal Crown... Unless you want them to give him an extra turn after immortal activate then you should consider suggest them put him in ML pool and change his element into Dark. 

    He doesn't need a buff really, he need allies to give him support for making his S2 cd faster, that's the purpose from the beginning and you want them to make him "One man vs One army" like how they did to A.Vildred last time and get nerf because of that?

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    2019.08.02 22:54 (UTC+0)

    no lol hes fine the way he is

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